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    Default TO: Golfer. RE: Playa Grande G.C.

    According to my son, it is in excellent shape and getting a lot of play. The locals (read DR golfers) love to play there.
    I will be there on Jan 1 with my son and a friend and lots of golf balls..haven't picked up a club in months! (8^((


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    Grahame Bush

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    Hey HB - I know Playa Dorada is nothing like as good as Playa Grande, but anytime you want company round Playa Dorada, let me know & I'll be there! Need the excuse to play more often & balls are very cheap if you buy them from the guys in between 1st & 2nd, 5th or somewhere around 17 (the serious water problem holes!!). Drop me an e-mail or give me a 'phone if you are coming up this way. - Grahame.

    PS. May your balls be hot & go straight where you want them too! Have a very successful 2002 & my best wishes to ALL for a PEACEFULL & contented New Year - ALL year!!

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    Default I have to show that P.S. to my wife!!!!!!LOL!! *DC*


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