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Thread: We need a head-shrinker here.

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    Default We need a head-shrinker here.

    I always liked The Simpsoms because of the absurdity of the situations portrayed in the show. I am starting to believe that DR1 is not far behind The Simpsoms.

    I've known that many posters have created many aliases, going as far as creating whole stories about their lifes that are as fake as a RD$2.00 bill. But things are getting pretty weird lately. A person's alias seems to start having arguments with another of the same person's aliases . I mean, it is ok to discuss things with oneself, but it goes too far when one starts having *arguments* with oneself. [homer simpsom] It's like something out of that twilighty show about that zone [/homer simpsom].

    Is there a head-shrinker in the house?

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    "The Tourist Watcher"

    Default Re:A shrink for JA809 is needed


    A shrink is recommended for JA 809 who had the audacity to put Dominican women down in the most pathetic way. I am still getting e-mails about this weirdo. Should I re-post his post for everyone to see?


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    Default Re: We need a head-shrinker here.

    not to mention the effect on their credibility. (8(I)

    btw, pib=puppy is bad?


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