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    Default Holes in The Ice

    I have people ice fishing outside of the back of my house! You warm weather islander bastards are welcome to come up and try it. I have plenty of room and a big window to watch you guys. Bienvenidos Wisconsin y Go Packers. BTW, my snowmobiles are still for sale. You could be the first in R.D. to own two of them.

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    Today it was sunny and we had blue sky. The temp. was around 28 celsius and we have a long weekend coming that would be great to spend in the beach, maybe even enjoy that icy cold Presidente.

    I just thought you'd really wanted to know that, and me being the good girl...<IMG src="">

    Now I proceed to run for dear life...

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    Exclamation Dammit!

    It's quarter to 9 in the bloody morning, on a Friday, and I'm at work, where outside my office door I can hear the gleeful cheer from skiers (otherwise known to me as those crazy fools who think it's fun to fling themselves down a snowy mountain in the cold on two sticks) because it's bloody snowing (again).

    <sub>(I'm off to buy a 649 ticket....)</sub>

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    Default The sunrise after a bad storm is the best...

    Just think: A few more weeks, if you behave, and you can buy me a beer!

    Do you eat those walleyes or muskies or whatever it is they take out of that water>?

    Cook it on the Barbie?

    "Oh Honey? Could you turn up the A/C a little bit? I sweating on the keyboard..."

    Yoli?! I need another glass of cold water!! Pant, Pant.

    Better go see PIB in SDQ and see Criss and TW on the Malecon!!!

    Turn Green with Envy!! yea yeah!!

    Hb, twisting the knife!!


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