I have been trying to teach the locals how to butcher - especially pigs.

Where I live in Canada (around the corner from Barney Fife and family) we have a pig specialist.
The Whole Pig

Actually, she is on the Nat'l Pig Marketing Board.... smart , she.

Explaining my search, she gets me a 'butchering guide to pigs' in Espanol.

So, after we had our New Year's day pig roast, I sent her pictures of the party/event

She jumped on it........

She analyzed the pig pictures and asked about the snout - apparently much different than Cdn pigs

Well (I say), might be a bit of boar there... wild

That's it , she says.... boar.... mixed with the wild.


My cattleman in Canada says the same about the cows -- way over domesticated to the point of stupidity.

Just a nugget for you animal husbandry aficionados