Santo Domingo School For The Deaf in Dominican Republic announces new fundraising called “Bricks” where you can purchase two different sizes and put whatever you want on the bricks and it will be installed on the school. We have two different sizes available where you can purchase and the bricks will be made and send directly to the new school and install on the property.

The following 2 sizes are available for purchase, the 48 will be set for $100 or 88 will be set for $200 Bricks Sample Photo and each order requires an $15 shipping fee which will include the order. You can download the Bricks Order Form. The online ordering will be available soon.

The sample brick photo:

The following sizes have some limitations as of:

48 = 3 lines/18 Characters

88 = 6 lines/18 Characters

If you want an graphic added on the bricks, you can for extra fee. Contact us for more information.

Learn more information, go to for more details how to place an order and this donation will support to get the project going.

Thank you and God bless