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Thread: A visit of a month

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    Question A visit of a month

    I'm looking to visit the D.R. for a few weeks/a month. I had made the acquainance of several persons from the D.R., while in Florida. I found them very warmhearted, generous, and kind. I can speak only minimal Spanish, but can both be understood, and understand others. I would like to do the "touristy" type things, but without the tourist prices. I want to explore, see and experience the beaches, taste the flavors, and learn about the tropical fruits (really!). I am not so interested in the nightlife. Any info. on lodging (homestays?), and "off-the-beaten-path" type ideas, let me know. If you know anything that might help me please do not hesitate to write. Any info. on: where to stay, cheap prices, tropical fruit, parts of the island to visit or avoid, costs in general or "must see's", would be appreciated.

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    Default North Coast!

    Hi Litchi (ahem, you should post this in the Travel board). Good to hear you want to come down check out the DR. I think you will find that the people become nicer and nicer as you get further from the big hotels. Being the completely unbiased person that I am (ahem), I think the North Coast is the place for you.

    The two most beautiful places I have seen on the island are the Samana peninsula (I know, it's a BIG "thing") and Jarabacoa/Constanza. Samana is on the north coast, jarabacoa and constanza are inland.

    The entire north coast is dotted with small coastal towns. Some tourism driven (Sosua, Cabarete) and others very much the local scene. You will get along well in Sosua/Cabarete with your english, get some tips on where to go and things to see from the large expat community there, and practice up some key spanish words/phrases/verbs. Then venture out from there.

    I definitely say if you are here in the next three months you need to see the whales in Samana, waterfalls like El Limon, Salto de aguas blancas, and El Jimenoa. Along with all the great quiet, and the busy if you prefer, beaches that line the north coast.

    Good luck with your travels, you are going to love it here given what you are looking for.



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