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Thread: Haiti Situation and DR Pets

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    Default Haiti Situation and DR Pets

    The Team has been asked to post this on behalf of AAASosua. It has been put in the Community Support Forum although it might be better in the Haiti Forum. If the Mods think so too , please move it.

    Byieu Nalio CheryThe Associated Press,Published on Wed Aug 12 2015
    ANSE-A-PITRES, HAITI—Thousands of Haitians and people of Haitian descent have fled the Dominican Republic in recent weeks, and many of them have not gone far.

    The new requirement for living in the Dominican Republic has affected us all. Not just Haitians, but all foreigners living in the country must meet the requirements/pay fees and go through the sometimes lengthy and frustrating process to continue to live here without the threat of deportation or large fines when they travel outside the country. If you have the money, you pay the lawyers; if not, the procedure is quite difficult, with impoverished Haitians bearing the brunt not only because they live way below the poverty level but they, for some reason, seem to annoy resident Dominicans.
    We are all doing what we can to help by assisting with funds and paperwork those families that we know who have been here for many years. I am sure there are many missionary groups also helping with international assistance so these families can stay and support themselves. Apparently for many, living here in poverty is better than living in Haiti. Many Haitians here have never even been to Haiti. Some were brought here years ago by the Dominican Government to work (not by choice), but with no paperwork they will be shipped off as well.
    One thing we know for sure: overtime things will be worked out.Meanwhile, we all do what we can. The function of AAAS has been to assist impoverished pet owners by providing medical care /vaccines/sterilization for their pets. And this mission is affected by the situation as well.Many of these pet owners are Haitian and have either left the country or have gone into hiding. Unfortunately, many of them had no choice but to leave their pets
    We would like,with the assistance of nearby communities, to help these animals by providing food and a good water source until other measures can be taken. These animals have no voice and no choice, and they were people’s pets .
    We can’t save them all, but we can certainly help alleviate starvation by providing basic needs for now.

    If you would like to help us feed these dogs/cats, we will start with the area of Jardin de Portivo(just outside of Cabarete) as we have active volunteers and a community that is willing to assist with distribution and setting up a feeding area.
    Your donations would be most appreciated. It’s easy to do via our website. Go to the Tax Exempt Donation Button and make a single donation via paypal . Please indicate “Food for Jardin” on your donation.
    AAAS is equipped to provide support for field operatives so the abandoned pets can also be sterilized and vaccinated.

    If you know of any experienced veterinary groupsthat would be interested in donating their timeand expertise for 2 or 3 days here in the DR (Puerto Plataarea), AAAS would be happy to assist with all that is needed to set up a field operative to help these abandoned animals.
    Contact us [email protected] if you have questions or to offer your assistance. Let’s pull together as a community and do our part to help these abandoned pets until permanent arrangements can be made for them. Any assistance you can offer, even a small donation, is most appreciated.

    From Judith Liggio President AAAS.


    Olly and the Team

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    Team has been asked to post this on behalf of Marina, a long term supporter of animals and AAASosua.

    The location shownin Post# 1 is Jardin Deportivo outside Cabarete East. The abandoned dogs are not only from Haitian's but also Dominican people also who lived illegally in the two buildings. There are between 7 to 10 abandoned dogs. They are roaming and looking for food around.

    The foreigners in the neighbourhood give them food, if they can. So food donation would be very helpful.
    Fortunately mostly of the dogs are spayed/neutered (they are in an Outreach program and were neutered by AAASosua in March 2014)
    If we can find new homes for these dogs, it would be the best. Then they are off the street.
    Morena, one of the females has already been hit by a car/motorcycle and is limping. In the past the could go to their owner's home in the night and the were nearly safe. But now nobody is there. Only empty buildings.

    Thank you very much for your help.


    Olly and the Team

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