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    Default Licensed trade in DR

    Hi all. firstly congratulations to everyone in the DR, for the ever increasing good reports about your beautiful island. Every one I have met who has been compliments the warmth of your people and the way in which you are trying to establish the DR as a major player.
    My question is about the licensed trade as we call it in the UK. The bar and niteclub business in other words. I am very interested having been to the DR a few times, in owning a bar or club. I see great opportunities there in many resorts for this backed up by the ever increasing tourism emphasis you place on your economy.
    I own a bar in the UK. I have ran bars in Spain and speak the language well. But in the UK, you need many licenses just to open your doors! One for dancing, one for serving, one for late opening past 11pm! etc.
    Q. What are the systems in your country?. Do you need licenses?
    Q. Where do order alcohol from? Do you have breweries?
    I believe the government owns 'Presidente' beer, but what about others? How do I get 'Guinness' for instance, or 'Bud'?
    Q. Where do I get good info on bars for sale?
    Q. Which are the best agents to use to buy commercial property and residential?
    Q. Which are good accountants?
    Q. Can you help!

    kind regards amigos.


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    If you are serious, you should come and take a look for yourself. The regulations are no where like in England, but there is lots of government red tape, and pitfalls to doing business here, such as stringent labor labors and lots of tax law details to follow. Again, if you are serious, come and check things out on your own. If you locate in a tourist area, you will quickly come in contact with owners of places that may be interested in selling, or you will find a location where to set up your own place.

    For other tips, see

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    hi there,

    if You want to start Your own bar in the Dominican Republic we can give You following advice.
    1. set up a company under Dominican Law like a S.A like we did.
    2. start in a real day and night living town centre where it is full of bars and dancings.
    3. combine bar with light meals.
    4. You can buy Your drinks from Presidente Beer itself or nowadays You can
    contact aswel Pepsi Cola in the Capital of Santo Domingo. They have recently
    signed the biggest merge ever in the branch with the Belgian Interbrew and the Brazilian Inbev. I can even help You with that because I know the man in charge for the Group in the Dominican Republic. He is a good friend of mine and can provide You with the items You need like cjairs, tables fridges, etc... for Your business in the Dominican Republic. So, if You want, I can lend You a helping hand.
    I have my company in Santo Domingo and a subsidiary company in Peurto Plata.
    Kind regards,
    Ponjaert, Jean Pierre
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