Every year our organization, The Esperanza Project, does a gift drive for children in the Cabrera area who would otherwise not get to enjoy gifts on Christmas (or 3 Kings Day). We collect presents from whoever we can, both local and in Canada/USA, then deliver those to children in need during the holiday season. If anyone is interested in donating gifts, I can tell you where to bring them here in Cabrera and I can even do a collection in Cabarete area a bit closer to the time if anyone is interested. And finally, if you are in Canada or the USA and want to send some stuff down, I have a few people who are going to bring gifts down with them in their luggage as needed so I can get you those addresses as well. Gifts should be aimed at children aged infant to 14, mixture of boys and girls.

I know that many of you probably live in other towns with plenty of children in need of gifts in your own area, but I thought I would put this out there for those of you in the Cabrera area, as well as those who may want to give but just wouldn't even know where to begin deciding which families, where to go, etc.

Thanks very much for your support!