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Thread: Why the DR?

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    Question Why the DR?

    I would be interested in hearing from people who moved to the DR as to why they chose it. I don't mean why you chose to leave the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Germany, Sweden or whatever advanced country you are from. But, there are over a hundred countries in the world, some of which also have warm weather and beaches. Why did you decide that the Dominican republic was the place for you?

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    Some reasons given over the years for living in the DR...

    Also see

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    Wink Have you ever visited the Dominican Republic?

    I first visited here in 1986.I was a "single" male.If you are a man,and come here and meet some Dominican Women,you will know the answer to your question!Proceed with caution! You will soon leave your home,family,and friends to be with your Dominican"Novia!" You will not sleep when you are not with "HER"! You will soon be living in Santo,Domingo,or Santiago,or Sosua!If you are a woman,someone of the "Fair Sex" will have to help you. Criss Colon


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