Many of you joined me in a dream to share your blessings this Christmas with our less fortunate kids at Strength for the Journey in Sosua. Yesterday, our dreams came true.

With your hands-on help, contributions, and donations of food, drink, a location, and goodies for the Christmas stockings, the Strength for the Journey kids enjoyed a movie, treats, balloon animals, clowns, singing of Christmas songs, pizza, ice cream, a cookie, and beverage.

Thank you's are lengthy and risky. With so many of you contributing, I am sure someone important may be left out. However, know that about 15 adult volunteers from Sosua helped out during the party. 15 of you sent monetary donations. Bologna Restaurant provided pizza and beverages. Three of you donated all the goodies stuffed inside the Christmas Stockings. And finally, a huge thank you to the local all-inclusive Casa Marina Beach Resort, Sosua who graciously allowed us to use theiramphitheater space and sound system and donated pizza and punch.

We have grown to be many, those who give Strength to our 80 children, and those children, in receiving our help, who bless us with Strength in return.

All of us at Strength for the Journey wish that each of you is blessed with love and happiness that surpasses that which you so generously gave to us.

Thanks for being Strength for the Journey.

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