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    Unhappy URGENT!!...PLEASE HELP...Pet Blue and Gold Macaw Stolen from Loving Home in Salinas P

    I am contacting you this afternoon on Mickey's behalf. If you have contacts
    in Puerto Rico who may be able to expedite his safe return home, please
    circulate his story and pic.

    Mickey is a relatively
    small sized 10 year old Blue and Gold Macaw who was stolen from his home in
    Salinas Puerto Rico. Mickey's wings have been clipped and at the time of
    his abduction was wearing an ID band on his left foot. He speaks English and some Spanish ("hello...hola"). He has a habit of running
    foot up the feathers on his left wing, so in the middle of the wing there
    are 2 or 3 stripped shafts. There is a very small black mark on his back.

    Mickey's owner is ofcourse devastated and is seeking any and all information
    regarding his pet's whereabouts. Mickey's safe return home will be
    substantially compensated (no questions asked).
    Please help in any way that you can to find Mickey. Much has already been
    done to find him. Information regarding Mickey's whereabouts may be
    directed to the following e-mail address: [email protected]

    Thank you.
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    Seriously doubt that you will find him....That bird is worth half a month's drugs....
    Feel sorry for the owners but better look and see if the homowner's policy will cover pets.


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    Default Mickey

    is long gone, too bad, maybe there will come a ransom note, but not likely, He will be in some pet shop in Miami.


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