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    Quote Originally Posted by Derfish View Post
    And here I thunk that there was no physical manifestitation of bitcoins, just a number in a computer somewhere, isn't that the essence of kryptonite corrency? But we have a machine now spitting out what? Little bittie coins, marked bitcoins? Or what?
    Der.... I like you. Really, I do. I have a ton of bitcoins at home that I am going to sell to you for a great price, my fren. Only one hundred dollars each. Incredible, isn't it?

    As an added benefit, I have them disguised as Dominican 25 peso coins so nobody will recognize them if they see them.

    Genius, right. I know.

    How many do you want?

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    I can see how the criminal elements would utilize stolen credit/debit cards to purchase bitcoins. Although Bitcoin is trading about $8k per coin, you can purchase mili or micro coins much cheaper. There are pros and cons.

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