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Thread: Do you regret moving to the Dominican Republic?

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    Default Do you regret moving to the Dominican Republic?

    This poll was suggested by Dominican Joe and its quite straight forward.

    Some of the additional questions (to be answered in posts):

    1. From what country did you moved to the DR?

    2. How long have you been living in the DR?

    3. How do you cope with the weather?

    4. How did you became used to (or incoporated into your diet) typical Dominican food?

    5. (For non-Spanish speakers) How do you manage without speaking Spanish?

    6. Was getting used to local driving habits easy or hard? How did you cope with it?
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    I am an American, but came here from Panama. Been here about 5 years with a few short trips back. Driving habits here are better than some places I have been. Ain't seen no weather that needs coping with, no snow to shovel or swear at. Food? Dead chickens are dead chickens or dead cows are dead cows. No real difference for me from elsewhere
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    1. Germany
    2. 19 years
    3. I sweat and swear, nah got more or less used to it don't really need an A/C
    4. Trying to avoid it as much as possible, wife is a great cook and knows to cook everything besides Dominican, like Mexican for example, cooking is her favorite pastime and I take advantage of it. Rice and Beans? Maybe once a week...
    5. n/a
    6. I hunt'em...

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    1. England via Maldives, Singapore, Thailand, Borneo, Menorca
    2. 15 years
    3. No big deal at all. Live in mountains no a/c no fans is fine just cold at night
    4. No problem as can only get Dominican food here - cook it with an Indian, Thai, Chinese, English twist. Chicken rice and beans is chicken curry, dal and rice.
    5. I speak Spanish now - how can anyone live here without learning Spanish? Our house is 100% Spanish.
    6. No problem with driving - never had an accident but I don't drive at night

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    1. Netherlands
    2. 7 years now and 4 years before
    3. I loathe the summer. Winter is excellent. Have airco almost in the whole house but dislike the fact I can't spend time outside during the day because of the heat.
    4. I don't like Dominican food but can eat it. Happily we eat pasta, lasagna , hot dogs , hamburgers , nachos and tacos often enough too, and then there is always a pan de agua con mantequilla de maní.
    5. I speak Spanish , so no problem here.
    6. I like driving here, more so than in my own country. A relieve not to have to be on the lookout all the time for civil police cars checking speed or speed cams along the highway.

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    1. USA
    2. Almost 24 years
    3. Try not to think about it.
    4. Do not really eat as much Dominican food as I did in the beginning. Cook a variety of foods, trying to stay away from the heavier Dominican diet. Still will have rice and beans occasionally during the week. Even when cooking Dominican style food I try to cook a healthier version of it.
    5. I speak Spanish, as Matilda stated it would be difficult living here without speaking Spanish. My in-laws only speak Spanish so in order to communicate I needed to improve my high school Spanish.
    6. I am ok with driving. The traffic is another story.

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    1.- From the US
    2.- Almost 5 years
    3.- I like it. The heat in the summer bothers me somewhat, but then again, you don't have to shovel it. Not a fan of A/C but find that my fans work just fine. I carry a hand fan in my bag.
    4.- I seldom eat Dominican food. I eat the way I ate in the US, but far less meat, as kosher meat is hard to come by here. I don't eat Dominican style, i.e., large meal at midday.
    5.- I took an intensive Spanish class upon arrival and although still a work in progress, I function in Spanish on a daily basis.
    6.- I seldom drive, but have learned that being "horny" --- as in using the horn more than I ever have in my life --- is your best defense. That, and not renting the tiniest cars any more. Dealing with Dominican drivers as a pedestrian is my chief challenge.
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    1. Western Canada
    2. This will be our 9th year
    3. Love the weather. beats minus 30 and snow. It is one the main reasons for being here
    4. I enjoy most Dominican foods. Normally we eat pretty much the way we did in Canada
    5. The language barrier was difficult at first. I still haven't learned Spanish as most people I run into are trying to improve their English. My wifes Spanish is much better than I so it hasn't been an issue.
    6. I love driving here. When I go back I have to really concentrate on not being a ahole in traffic.

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    1. UK

    2. 17 years last month.

    3. Always go away for at least one month during summer.
    Failing that, I would go to Constanza for two weeks to have a break from the heat.

    4. I love most of the bean and vegetable-based dishes, but don't eat any meat, chicken or fish.

    5. N/A

    6. Yes, it wasn't easy but somehow I got the hang of driving in the capital and took it in my stride.
    Now I avoid having to drive as much as possible and so have lost a bit of confidence.
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    2.10 years
    3.a day without shoveling snow is a good weather day!
    4.our diet here is healthier with no processed foods enjoying the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables.
    5.Spanglish seems to work, thank goodness, since foreign language brain cells have long ago shriveled with old age.
    6.Our visiting son summed it up 10 years ago when he said "I see you have embraced the sport of driving here"

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