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Thread: Residency renewal online - has anyone tried?

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    I just renewed my Permanent Residencia on-line for the first time. I live in Santo Domingo and finished the paperwork and the blood test and chest x-ray. Monday I go and get my photo and pick up my Immigration Card.

    Now I need to renew my Cedula.

    1) Where is the office in to do this in Santo Domingo?

    2) What is the cost?
    If you come off the roundabout at the Plaza de la Bandera, and head south on Luperon, there is a car dealer on the right, I think it's a Mazda dealer, and the cedula office for foreigners is the building next to that on the right if you are facing it. They are very fast, I was in and out in 20 minutes even with quite a few people there. The cost was RD$ 4000 and you can pay with a card.

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    Great help as usual.

    Thanks for the Cedula Renewal Office location.

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