Hello everyone,

I am trying to find a good maintenance guy for our rental home in Cap Cana which runs like a small hotel. I am tired of all local villa managers, fixers and doers who understands nothing about mechinical and tech and in best case do not break more than they fix :-). And the few people who do knows something rarely fix it themselves or supervise it properly.

I fix most things better myself with youtube and a little TLC but I am not here full time. This is the normal stuff, changing bulbs, cleaning/reparing a faucet, tightening a lose lock on a door, seeing when something is about to break becuase the corossion and ordering the part from internet, stopping the cleaning girls from using a scotch brite on the stinless steel appliance, perhaps even touch up the coralina stone with some plastic cement or replace some rusting screws in a hinge with proper 316SS screws from the US.

I am thinking there must be an honest foreginer with good old handyman skills and a good working brain who lives here in Punta Cana / Bavaro who wants to make an extra buck one day of the week and might even enjoy something to do inbetween the beers? Perhaps a retired engineer?*

Let me know if you have an idea of how to find someone like this, or if you know someone or if you even ARE the one - private message works well.

Cheers and thanks everyone for listening!