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I'm targeting SD for now because I don't trust cities dominated by a single industry such as tourism or retirement. I figure 3 weeks would barely be enough for me to get a feel for just this one city and its different neighborhoods, maybe I'll come back in the future for a second look elsewhere. It IS warm and I hate NY winters

How long have you been in DR for and what part are you in?
I no longer live in the DR. My wife and I owned a condo in a gated development in Las Terrenas on the Samana Peninsula. We owned the property for about 6 years. The condo was new construction when we bought it and when we sold we took a major hit and lost money. Our plans had changed and we wanted to get rid of the property. It took about 2 years to find a buyer. When we owned the property we spent about half the year in the DR and were not there in the Summer months. I guess it depends what your priorites are in buying property. There is a long learning curve to come to any country and learn how day to day life works. Boca Chica has the closest beaches to SD however these are not typical to most of the rest of the beach areas in the DR. Rent a car and drive to the North or Northeast Coast and stay there for a week. I think you will find a whole different feeling than in Santo Domingo. Santo Domingo is a typical big city of around 3 million people. A lot like NYC expect with palm trees and the Carribean. If you are currently living in NYC then Santo Domingo will not be overwhelming. Spending three weeks there may get a little old. Are you staying at one of the big hotels along the Carribean sea? Good luck and good travels. Be safe.