Folks, we are seriously downsizing.ggoing from seven bedrooms and eight baths, four living rooms, three kitchens and tons of space (900 m2) to three bedrooms and three baths 350 m2.

I have three dogs that have to be placed: two of them are three years old and the other will be six months old. All three are females and all three will have been spayed for the new owners. They are well behaved and loyal guard dogs used to living outside with a little bit of shade, food and water. All three are house-trained but they are better off outside.

let's have some DR 1 collaboration and find some good homes for these animals.

This process does not mean we are getting rid of all of our animals.. We will still have Molly, 14 years old; Bubu, three years old; and Rufo,, the maybe three-year-old Chow-Chow mix
plus Tuxedo, a young fussy female cat.

So far this year we have been able to place seven puppies from two litters and we just received four more puppies last Saturday from Bubu and Rufo, and these, too, have been placed.. I really need help with these other three dogs.