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I've read on this board how real estate web sites are poor at updating and the prices are phony, etc....

However, I have been peering into quite a few fb groups listing props for sale in Caberete/Sosua area. I fthese are fresh postings/listings, it would be safe to say they are active listings and not old, right? There looks like some good deals too. Like, a buyers market. Why is everyone getting out of their property in that area?
Buyer beware. Most real estate agents I have worked with in the DR are legit and their web-sites are valid. There are people that call themselves real estate agents who have no business doing it but then again the real estate industry is not regulated in the DR. It's fine to look at Facebook but then you have no idea who you are really dealing with. Property listed here could be fake, without a title or misleading in the description. Why would you not want to speak to a real estate agent? The seller is paying their fee, not you. You have made many posts and seems like you are trying to find a down and dirty way to buy property. Please listen to those who have had experience here. You need knowledge of the way things are done in the DR if not you will get ripped off. There are people here just waiting for those they can easily scam.