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Thread: The Light at the End of the Tunnel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve75 View Post
    there's no light at the end of the tunnel

    Would you mind substantiate your allegation?

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    I hate to say this because I really want something to happen on the western third of the island that would give some guarantee that in the future the fear of Haiti sinking the whole island into oblivion would be replace at least with a friendly rivalry. Its much better for the two countries to compete on the basis of who has the most malls, the nicest new middle class developments, the most resorts, etc. than what we have now which is simply worrisome.

    Yesterday I was listening the interview they did to Rosa Ng in Santo Domingo based Zol FM radio station. While widely known in Dominican society, I'm sure most DR1ers don't know who Rosa Ng is. She's the spokeperson for the Dominican-Chinese community. She herself is half Dominican and half Chinese, born in Santiago de los Caballeros. She was the main force behind getting the Leonel Fernandez government interested in creating the Barrio Chino (Chinatown) of Santo Domingo (though she's not entirely happy with what was done, because the plans included Chinese architectural accents to the buildings which were never done and a multistory parking garage which was also never built.) Currently she is based in China representing the DR for commercial purposes and is attracting quite a nice amount of Chinese investments to the country.

    The interview of Rosa Ng starts exactly a 7:00 (you can put the cursor on the timeline at the foot of the video and when you see 7:00, click on it and it will jump to that part), but the part that caught my interst for this thread starts at 26:35.

    She was asked if it's true that there's a major investment plan for Haiti and a response that's heard is 'HABIA.' Then she explains what happened and how that came to be known, but the guys later interrupt her and don't let her finish.

    Not good folks.

    On a positive note for the DR, an official Chinese delegation is visiting the country in November. It seem that Rosa Ng had something to do with making that possible. She said that this delegation need to be treated very well, because out of this can come lots and lots of $$$$$.
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    NALS, listen again. When she speaks she confirms the project, saying that the mayor of Port-au-Prince got a head start with securing Chinese funds at the meeting of mayors with the Chinese in China. Who says "HABIA" is Consuelo, not Rosa Ng.

    Regardless of what the Chinese invest here, in my opinion what they invest in Haiti is even more important.

    Thank you for sharing.

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    Haiti is a failed state that the world as a whole allows to sink into oblivion and chaos, time and time again. Nothing new. Please. More money. More plans. More investments. More corrupt leaders who swindle the poor Haitians. Create a solid, concrete plan, and not allow criminals to run the country, and the progress will begin.

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