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SANTO DOMINGO EAST. The Mayor of Santo Domingo Este delivered a home to a 89-year-old woman living in the Puerto Rico neighborhood of Los Mina, in the municipality.

The furnished house was delivered to Mrs. Sara De Jesus, who has a disabled child under her care.

As explained by the mayor Alfredo Martinez in a press release, he learned through the regidor Edita Sandoval, of the conditions in which Mrs. De Jesus lived and immediately arranged the construction of the house.

The municipal official said the rains of recent times had knocked down part of the house to the octogenarian lady and who lived in constant danger.

Meanwhile the lady thanked the gesture and said that her life will change from this moment, since she was 10 years living in danger with her disabled child.

He also urged the mayor to continue working on behalf of those most in need.

In addition to assisting the lady, Martinez ordered the patching of the streets, including Ozama Avenue, where the apartment is located.

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