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Thread: San Cristobal: Food Markets for the Poor

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    Default San Cristobal: Food Markets for the Poor

    computer translation:

    S.CRISTOBAL: INESPRE brings cheap food to residents of 15 neighborhoods

    By: LA REDACCION Date:August 27, 2017

    SAN CRISTOBAL .- The Institute of Price Stabilization (INESPRE) installed 17 markets of producers in different communities of the country to facilitate the poorest who are supplied with agricultural products and other family basket at affordable prices.

    The act of simultaneous opening was headed by INESPRE director, Jorge Radhamès Zorrilla Ozuna and took place in the front of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants, located in Avenida Libertad.

    There, a market of producers worked where they were supplied families residing in Geringa, Pueblo Nuevo, Las Flores, Cinco de Abril, Canastica, El Moscú, Ingenio Nuevo, Lavapiés, Dona Ana, Lechería, La Palmita, El Tres and Medio, El Cuatro, El Cerro, Puerto Rico, Nigua, La Cucaracha, Madre Vieja Norte and Madre Vieja Sur.

    The beneficiaries purchased rice at 12 pesos a pound; Beans at 30 pesos, potatoes at eight pesos; Bananas at three pesos unit; Sugar at 15 pesos; Carton of eggs at 100 pesos; Coditos at 22 pesos a pound, pork at 65 pesos; And a great variety of vegetables, vegetables, fruits and canned products, with a saving of 30 percent in relation to how they are sold in large wineries and supermarkets in the area.

    The markets were overseen by Richard Mercedes, Director of Agricultural Programs of the Inespre; Teresa Mota, Program Manager; Toribio Rosario Angomàs, Control and Oversight Manager, Félix Padilla, Marketing Manager and Bernabé Lara Céspedes, provincial manager in San Cristóbal.


    Other producer markets operated on Venezuela Avenue, Santo Domingo Este municipality; Villa Mella (Santo Domingo Norte); New City, in front of the Obelisco Hembra (DN); While in the southern region of the country, in Azua, San Juan de la Maguana and Barahona.

    Also in the Cibao in La Vega, Jarabacoa, Santiago and San Francisco de Macorís and in the eastern region of the country, in San Pedro de Macorís, El Seibo and Higuey.

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    In reference to past posts , this is not socialism..... just looking after the less fortunate. At least they pay something.
    We have ''Food Banks'' in Canada to serve the same purpose. Yes we have poor people as well.
    What is the difference of ''Food Stamps'' and subsidized food.?

    THis is a good program and deserves a 'like'.

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