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Thread: Hello dear comrades haha

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    Thanks, but no need for Orange for me. I have Tricom Smartbox since 2 years and Claro since ever and all works just fine. I do not work from the beach unfortunately . If so, on the beach I would use my iPhone's integrated personal hotspot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garyexpat View Post
    Carlos, if you can P.M. me and I'm sure I can help you out. You can certainly work via internet here. There are many here who will tell you that you can not do it but I am here in Santiago at this very minute on CLARO internet (fiber optic in my apartment building) doing just that. I broker to numerous call centers in this and other countries (including one in Barranquilla Colombia and maybe one to come on board in Medellin soon).
    I have lived here 11+ years without all the papers some say you need and have a bank account internet phone and more and I just arrived into STI tonight from a flight from Miami.
    Good luck to you and let me know when you get to Santiago.
    Thank you Gary. At the moment it seems that I have not been awarded the privilege to private message, but if you could message me your contact info I would gladly take you up on your offer. And the soon I can get that offer, the sooner I will be in Santiago to set up internet in my apartment. I am aiming to be their altleast 2 weeks from now. But sooner if I you can message me your contact info.

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