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Thread: PROPANE: What´s happening?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rubio_higuey View Post
    I noticed the same thing about mileage but it needs further testing.
    You should not be getting ripped off when buying propane with a portable tank. Most tanks are filled by weight, if they are using a volume counter to fill (as in cars) they can easily fill the station tank with pressurized air to make it seem that you are getting propane when all you are doing is getting tour tank filled with air, much like a scuba tank. You can test this by weighing your empty propane tank and then getting it filled. It should weight about 20 lbs filled. Air does not weight anything.

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    ALWAYS require the attendant to open the air valve while filling! This allows moist air to escape and ensures a complete fill.

    That moist air WILL condense sooner or later and give you water in the tank.

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    Default Propane butane mix ratios.

    Most likely the problem is the mix of propane and butane. Ideally, the mix is 60% propane and 40% butane. It burns cleaner and is more efficient. The Propane Gas Dealers say the Consumer Protection Agency had an erroneous reference of 90% propane and 10% butane. The government standards are supposed to be 70% propane and 30% butane. That mentioned, it appears the more propane in the mix brings less economy. Suspect the mileage drop could be a result of a change of mix to a lesser amount of butane. Butane cost more than propane. You can arrive at your own conclusions.



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