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Thread: DR1 Daily News - Tuesday, 7 November 2017

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    President Medina goes to Bahoruco
    Ministry of Industry & Commerce postpones multi fuel filling stations
    Electricity Pact may lead to job losses
    Advances on the Navarette-Puerto Plata road
    New school uniform, manufacturers protest too quick change
    IMF pleased with the economic performance of the country
    65% of Dominicans are on a health plan
    Green March in Mao
    How to fit 16 Haitians in a car
    New bishop for San Pedro
    30 years for elevator murder
    La Soga lived freely in Santiago
    Rains on the way
    Diplomatic Ladies Bazaar
    Estrellas continue to lead Dominican Baseball Championship

    President Medina goes to Bahoruco
    On Sunday, 5 November 2017, President Danilo Medina was in Bahoruco near the border with Haiti to encourage more advances on the governmental “Let’s Reforest Quisqueya Plan” that seeks to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of this impoverished region, by slowing the deforestation. Medina was there to check on advances on the agro-forestry program that he calls the most ambitious initiative to protect and recover the forest and water sources.

    During the visit, Medina repeated the phrase he often says that the most important thing is the people, and that he wanted to ensure that the children and grandchildren of the producers would have something to live off. He went on to say that he wanted simple subsistence farmers to be transformed agricultural businesspersons. Referring to avocados, he said he was not enough just to grow them, but the farmers had to learn how to package them and export them.

    Ministry of Industry & Commerce postpones multi fuel filling stations
    The Ministry of Industry & Commerce announced it has decided that propane continue to be sold separately from natural gas, diesel and gasoline. Several fuel companies had requested authorization to combine the sale of propane, natural gas and other fuels.

    The Ministry said that while technically this is feasible, it has decided to postpone the implementation until new norms meeting international standards are put into place.

    The Ministry of Industry & Commerce argues that 56% of all vehicles in the Dominican Republic run on propane. But it also explained that a large number of vehicles that have been fitted to run on propane have not been done so meeting international standards. The Ministry says new norms regulating the use of propane need to be issued prior to authorizing the combined sale of fuels.

    Electricity Pact may lead to job losses
    The executive vice president of the Association of Industries of the Dominican Republic (AIRD), Circe Almanzar says that the Electricity Pact, which is now in the hands of the President of the Republic to sign, will come at a political cost for the government as some institutions in the sector will be eliminated while others will be transformed.

    In an interview on the television program D’Agenda, transmitted by Telesistema, Circe Almánzar said the role of the Dominican Public Electricity Corporation (CDEEE) will totally change when the Pact comes into operation and several of its current functions will be eliminated.

    She also said that among the organizations that would disappear are the Unit of Rural and Suburban Electrification (UERS) and the National Commission of Energy Policies. The role of the former would pass to the electricity distribution companies.

    She added that in respect to the National Energy Commission, the Ministry of Energy and Mines could take over that role, as there are too many institutions in the sector.

    She stated that there would be unified boards although the three distributors would remain as public companies.

    She said that as happened in the transport sector, there are too many institutions with a duplication of functions in the energy area.

    Advances on the Navarette-Puerto Plata road
    Ramón Antonio Pepín, deputy minister of Public Works reported on advances on the renovation of the 44.5 km Navarette-Puerto Plata road. He said brigades are working day and night on three sections of the road – Navarrete-Tunnel, Tunnel-Imbert and Maimón-Puerto Plata.

    On the Maimón-Puerto Plata section of 8.4 km and four lanes the final asphalt cover is being applied and should be completed in two months time. The Maimón-Puerto Plata section connects the Amber Cove cruise terminal to Puerto Plata city.

    New school uniform, manufacturers protest too quick change
    The Ministry of Education has announced the change of the public school children uniform. Starting next year public school students are scheduled to wear polo shirts with colors that identify their school region instead of the blue shirts. The pants will continue to be khaki colored.

    The students of the Central Cibao region will wear wine red shirts; those of Cibao Norte, golden yellow; those of the south, turquoise blue; those of the east, green and those of the metropolitan area (Greater Santo Domingo) will be royal blue.

    Navarro said that each public school student will receive two polo shirts.

    The Ministry announced the government will invest RD$639.5 million in the shirts for the public school children. The polo shirts will replace the light blue-buttoned shirt that for years public school children have worn.

    The Minister Andrés Navarro said the new poloshirts are designed with high standards of quality, resistance to wear and feature an ergonometric design to ensure the comfort of the children and teenagers. The polo shirts are 50% cotton, 50% polyester.

    Tenders will be held for the polo shirts. These will be open to the micro, small and medium-sized companies for 1,192,860 polo shirts and another for big companies for 2,199,25.

    Meanwhile, public school uniform manufacturers called for a longer time in which to sell the inventories prior to the introduction of the new uniforms. While many school children receive free uniforms, others are sold in major stores nationwide.

    The request for more time prior to the new order is made by the Association of Textile Industries of the Cibao and Norte (Asitec), the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Textile Factoreis (Apymetex) and the Asociation of Dominican Textile Plants (Asotedom) who requested more time to sell out their inventories. The companies complain they had made major investments in order to produce the school uniform shirts for the government program in addition to the need to sell out the present inventories.

    IMF pleased with the economic performance of the country
    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has praised the operation to repurchase the “Brady Bonds” that the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic carried out for the effect it had on the reduction of the quasi-fiscal deficit and consolidating public debt.

    In a meeting with Central Bank Governor Héctor Valdez Albizu, Aliona Cebotari, head of the IMF mission that visited the country last week, also highlighted the low levels of deficit of the current account for this year and the forecast for 2018.

    She said that during the mission’s visit to the country they could see a change in the expectations of the economists and a positive effect of the monetary measures recently implemented by the Central Bank.

    She spoke of an environment of optimism about the performance of the Dominican economy after meeting with public and private institution heads.

    Ceborati and Valdez Albizu also spoke about the electricity pact, the supervision of cooperatives, the development of the financial sector and the application of the new Law on Money Laundering, as well as other issues.

    Ceborati was accompanied by Javier Arze del Granado, Ben Sutton, Dmitry Plotnikov and Hui He. Participating in the meetings for the Central Bank were Valdez Albizu, Clarissa de la Rocha de Torres, Ervin Novas, Frank Montaño, Joel Tejeda, Olga Díaz, Frank Fuentes, Julio Andújar, Ramón González, Ramón Rosario and Rafael Capellán.

    65% of Dominicans are on a health plan
    According to results of the Enhogar 2016 social survey, 65.5% of the Dominican population is affiliated with a health plan. The Encuesta Nacional de Hogares de Propósitos Múltiples (Enhogar 2016) revealed the percent of the population insured is significantly up from the 2012 figure of 51.2%. The Enhogar poll surveyed 23,276 households in urban and rural areas nationwide. The survey is carried out by the National Statistics Office (ONE).

    In Greater Santo Domingo and the larger cities of the Cibao is where the most people who have health plans live.
    See the complete report at:

    Green March in Mao
    On Sunday, 5 November the Green March took place in northwestern Mao, Valverde, with hundreds of people protesting against administrative corruption and immunity.

    The protestors marched through the city center ending up at Estanislao Reyes street for a major ceremony where Catholic priest Mario Serrano read a document accusing the central government of opening up the frontier with Haiti to drug dealing, human trafficking, illegal arms dealing as well as contraband. He went on to say that the mafia of businessman, politicians and military were operating at the frontier with impunity and lamented the fact that the construction of the aqueduct in the north west was used to make a small group rich and not to benefit the thousands of families who live there.

    He went on to read that the offices of the Northwest of the National Institute of the Hydrological Resources and the Ministry of Education had thousands of “botellas”- people being paid and not working, and called for the building of a regional hospital and two dams, one in Amina and one in Guayubin.

    How to fit 16 Haitians in a car
    Dominican military patrolling the Jicomé-Navarrete road arrested 16 undocumented Haitians traveling in a small car into the Dominican Republic. One of the passengers was an infant.

    In the video shared on social media, the military counts the 16 as they come out from the vehicle. Four were in the trunk.

    New bishop for San Pedro
    Pope Francisco has named Reverend Santiago Rodríguez Rodríguez as the new bishop of the diocese of San Pedro de Macoris. Rodríguez served as episcopal vicar for the pastoral and was the parish for San Marcos.

    His first ecclesiastical appointment was to the diocese of Puerto Plata in 2000. He studied moral theology at the Alfonsina Academy in Rome and received a Master’s in Bioethics from the Pontificio Ateneo Regina Apostolorum in Rome. He also studied at universities in Colombia and the DR. Since 2009, he has served as judge at the ecclesiastical court, military priest from 2007 and professor of bioethics at the PUCMM in Santo Domingo.

    30 years for elevator murder
    The Second Collegiate Court of the National District passed down the maximum sentence of 30-years for the murder of 43-year old Juan Isidro Veras Grullón in the elevator of the Lia II condominium in Quisqueya neighbourhood. Judges Wendy Altagracia, Clara Castillo and Gissel Soto sentenced 31-year old Yamil Enrique Bassa Matos for the murder that occurred in October 2015.

    Juan Isidro Veras Gullón was found dead of gun shout and several knife injuries on 15 October 2015.

    La Soga lived freely in Santiago
    PLD legislator Victor Suarez denied that the recently arrested former Police lieutenant Fernando de los Santos (La Soga) had been on the run. He said Suarez was living a normal life in Santiago and it is not true that the Police were looking for him.

    He said the Police cannot boast as an achievement “the capture” of La Soga. “The Most Wanted was not wanted,” said the legislator.

    Suarez said he lives in Gurabo, the same community where La Soga lived. He said he is surprised the Police now want to sell to the general public the idea that the former police officer was “captured.”

    La Soga has formally been accused of the death of two persons in the Ensanche Libertad of Santiago.

    On Friday, three months pre-trial custody was announced for La Soga, who is accused of the death of two persons in Santiago in 2011. La Soga is suspect of many more murders. As reported in the media, the people who contracted the murders were cleared of charges in 2015.

    Rains on the way
    A weather front over the Eastern part of Cuba will generate rain and thunderstorms over the next few days in the north west, north east, north, south east, the central mountain area and the border region.

    The National Meteorological Office (Onamet) explains that the situation will last until the end of today, Tuesday 7 November 2017, when it will then leave the country.
    They also announce that yesterday morning, 6 November, tropical depression number 19 formed at some 1,455 kilometers to the east of the Bermudas and is moving at around 9 kilometers an hour towards the east. However they assure that it poses no danger to the Dominican Republic.

    Diplomatic Ladies Bazaar
    The Diplomatic Ladies Association Christmas Bazaar will take place Saturday, 11 November 2017 at the convention center of the Ministry of Foreign Relations, located on the Santo Domingo sea-bordering Malecon from 9am to 5pm.

    At least 21 diplomatic missions will sell arts and crafts and products representative of their countries. There will be dance and music presentations and many raffles for participants.

    The procedes of the event will benefit several organizations that work with youth — Escuela Guardería Damas Diplomáticas (Los Tres Brazos), Santo Domingo Este; Escuela Esperanza y Vida (Los Guaricanos), Santo Domingo Norte; Hogar Pituca Flores (Las Cañitas), Distrito Nacional; and Hogar Teresa Toda, Azua.

    The wife of Foreign Minister Miguel Vargas, Angelita de Vargas is the local coordinator for the event. She highlighted how the event is an opportunity to show off the cultural diversity of the missions in the Dominican Republic.

    Estrellas continue to lead Dominican Baseball Championship
    The top three most Dominican baseball championship-winning teams, Tigres del Licey, Aguilas Cibaeñas and Leones del Escogido have been pushed aside as the underdogs Estrellas Orientales, Gigantes del Cibao and the Toros del Este had a good week.

    Depending on their better batting and pitching, the Estrellas continue to lead with 12 wins and 5 losses, followed by the Gigantes with 11 wins and 7 losses, and the Aguilas Cibaeñas with nine wins and nine losses.

    The Toros del Este have won their last five games and now have climbed to the fourth position, with 8 wins and 10 losses, followed by the Tigres del Licey in the bottom position with six wins and 12 losses. The Escogido had a bad week, with five consecutive losses.

    See reports on several of the most recent games:
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