I have been contacted by an American company who is a third party administrator of drug testing programs located in the United States, and is looking for the following:

• Physician, Doctor, laboratory manager, or other high level professional
• To Collect urine samples for drug testing in adherence to specific protocols (Training will be provided, so you do not need to have prior experience)
• To submit samples to laboratory and paperwork to the company following each collection
• Be the same gender as donor (male)
• Be willing to undergo a background check
• Exercise good judgment in various situations and be VERY professional.
• Be organized and detail-oriented in following specific protocols
• Interact with athletes in an effective manner while maintaining professional boundaries
• Meet the physical requirements of the job, including walking, standing, and lifting up to 25 lbs.

The job involves collecting 2 to 20 samples per week and you are paid per collection plus costs of getting to the location. Most will be in Santo Domingo, but could be in other parts of the country.

The person required can be a Dominican who speaks fluent English or any other nationality who speaks both English and fluent Spanish.

If you are interested please pm me for more information.