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Thread: DR1 Daily News - Tuesday, 28 November 2017

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    Default DR1 Daily News - Tuesday, 28 November 2017

    President Medina decorated in Jamaica
    President Danilo Medina to speak at Jamaica’s global sustainable tourism conference
    Speeding up immigration for Christmas
    Mental Health program is working
    Police station set up on Saona Island
    Road and tunnel maintenance works in Greater Santo Domingo
    ProConsumidor, CMD and Sisalril reject Andeclip diagnostics exclusion order
    Another public hospital medical strike this week
    Police and DNCD agents arrested for keeping drug point in San Juan de la Maguana
    Review of coercive measures for teenage killing
    More femicides
    Christmas and the Tour Eiffel
    DR defeats Canada in FIBA Qualifier

    President Medina decorated in Jamaica
    During the first day of his visit to Jamaica, President Danilo Medina was decorated with the Order of Excellence of the Jamaican Government at The King’s House, official residence of the governor. The honor was conferred to Medina by Governor General Peter Allen. President Danilo reciprocated this state recognition by honoring Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew with the Gold Cross of the Order of Duarte, Sánchez and Mella.

    While in Kingston, Jamaica, President Medina held a bilateral meeting with Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness, who had visited the Dominican Republic earlier in 2017.

    Later at the Hotel Jamaica Pegasus, President Danilo Medina received the visit of opposition leader, Peter Philipps. Also attending were opposition leaders Mark Golding, Julian Robinson and Lisa Hana.

    President Danilo Medina had arrived to Jamaica on Monday, 27 November 2017, for the start of his official two-day visit to the island nation. At the Michael Norman Manley International Airport, he was met by Prime Minister Andrew Holnes and his cabinet. Lina Hana represented the political opposition in the welcoming. Also at the welcoming was Dominican ambassador in Jamaica, José Tomás Ares.

    On Tuesday, 28 November 2017, President Medina will be in Montego Bay to share the Dominican tourism experience at the 'Global Conference on Jobs and Inclusive Growth for Sustainable Tourism' that began in Montego Bay, St James on 27 November.

    President Danilo Medina to speak at Jamaica’s global sustainable tourism conference
    President Medina is in Montego Bay on Tuesday, 28 November 2017, to share the Dominican tourism experience at the 'Global Conference on Jobs and Inclusive Growth for Sustainable Tourism' that began in Montego Bay, St James.

    The conference, led by Jamaica's Ministry of Tourism, runs from November 27 to 29 at the Montego Bay Convention Centre. In addition to President Medina, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet of St. Lucia is attending as a speaker.

    Taleb Rifai, secretary general of the World Tourism Organization, the United Nations agency responsible for the promotion of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism, described the Montego Bay conference as a milestone in the process of advancing tourism development . Rifai said that the landmark conference, which has attracted 1,300 participants, will set a new standard for partnerships with industry stakeholders. It will also contribute significantly to the sustainable development goals (SDGs), he added, referencing the level of partners convening in Jamaica - the UNWTO, the World.

    The World Tourism Organization, the World Bank Group, and the Government of Jamaica in collaboration with Chemonics International are sponsoring the conference. The event seeks to identify successful models and future initiatives of public-private partnerships (PPPs) that will contribute to sustainable tourism development globally.

    The Dominican tourism industry can boast impressive numbers in comparison to the rest of the Caribbean. Tourist arrivals have kept a 6.7% annual average growth rate. The Dominican Republic is the leader in hotel rooms. The country at present has 82,000 hotel rooms with another 15,000 under construction that are expected to open in late 2018. Government tax incentives to hotel construction have motivated investors to add thousands of hotel rooms in the past four years.

    Most important, the Dominican government’s open skies policies has attracted dozens of new airlines and the country is the leader in flight operations in the Caribbean, with more than 270 daily flights to its eight international airports. The frequency and diversity of flight connections, has attracted even more airlines.

    President Medina is traveling with Foreign Minister Miguel Vargas, Administrative Minister of the Presidency José Ramón Peralta; Tourism Minister Francisco Javier García; and Environment Minister Francisco Domínguez Brito, and his support staff.

    Also attending and speaking at the event for the Dominican Republic is Frank Rainieri, founder of the Puntacana Group will speak on the “From Board Room Decisions to Destination Development – Industry Leaders Discuss the Key Elements to Successful Investments” and Jake Kheel, vice president, Grupo Puntacana Foundation who will address the audience in the panel Tourism and Sustainability: Threats, Risks and Challenges and will speak on the Keys to Sustainable Tourism”.

    Speeding up immigration for Christmas
    The Migration Agency (DGM) has announced that from 30 November 2017, Dominican citizens, naturalized abroad will not have to have a second inspection in the different airports and ports, as their passports will be unblocked when they go through the immigration checks at departure. This ruling also applies to those foreigners who have legal status in the Dominican Republic, as well as members of the diplomatic corps in the country.

    In a press release the DGM said that persons in the above categories should register in the DGM offices located in the International Las Americas airport and the Cibao International airport.

    In order to do this, those Dominicans naturalized abroad should present their passport and identity card (cedula). Foreigners living legally in the country should present their identity document showing their immigration status.

    This is one of the measures ordered by the Director General of the DGM, Lieutenant General Máximo William Muñoz Delgado, to speed up the Migration services during the Christmas period, a peak travel time.

    Mental Health program is working
    Following the implementation of a program of integrated treatment for mental illness by the Mental Health Department of the Ministry of Public Health and the First Lady’s Office, the number of homeless and street people diagnosed with chronic mental illness has decreased. The Ministry of Public Health reports that this year, 97 people have been rescued from the streets. Those rescued were taken to crisis intervention centers in different hospitals before being reunited with their families. So far 37 people have been returned to their families.

    Of those taken off the streets, around 20 are in the Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Center, located at kilometer 28 on the Duarte Highway in Santo Domingo West; 37 were returned to their families, two foreigners were handed over to their respective embassies, five were taken to Hogares Crea and some are still in the crisis intervention units in hospitals.

    The information is in a report covering January to November 2017 that was prepared by the Program for the Protection of those with Chronic Mental Illness of the Mental Health Department of the Ministry of Public Health.

    Police station set up on Saona Island
    The Police has opened a security station in the Mano Juan community on Saona Island. The plan was sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism is to enhance the safety and security for the inhabitants and foreign visitors to the island. Saona Island is the most visited destination by tourists arriving to the La Romana and Punta Cana beach destinations.

    Present for the inaugural were the Defense Minister, Lieutenant General Rubén Paulino Sem, and the head of the National Police, Major General Ney Aldrin Bautista Almonte.

    Also present were the Commander General of the Armada, Vice Admiral Miguel Peña Acosta; the Commander General of the Air Force, Major General Luis Payan Díaz; the president of the National Drug Control Agency, Vice Admiral Edmundo Félix Pimentel, Senator Amable Aristy Castro a Lucas Pérez, Attorney General of the eastern region.

    The welcome speech was given by La Romana provincial governor Teodoro Reyes and Senator Amarilis Santana urged the inhabitants of the island to unite to develop the island with security.

    Road and tunnel maintenance works in Greater Santo Domingo
    The Ministry of Public Works announced the shut down of the overpass of Av. 27 de Febrero in West-East direction and the underpass of Av. Charles de Gaulle with Av. Hermanas Mirabal in both directions on Monday, 27 November 2017.

    On Tuesday, 28 November, there will be maintenance works on the overpass of Av. 27 de Febrero and on the Av. Ortega y Gasset Tunnel (UASD tunnel).

    On Wednesday, 29 November, works will continue on the Los Alcarrizos overpass, the underpass at Av. John F. Kennedy with Av. Maximo Gómez and the overpass of Av. Luperón with Autopista 30 de Mayo.

    On Thursday, 30 November, works will be carried out at the overpass at Av. Luperón with Autopista 30 de Mayo. The underpass of Av. John F. Kennedy with Av. Máximo Gómez and the overpass of Av. 27 de Febrero with Av. Privada will also be affected. Traffic along all of these will be closed in both directions.

    On Friday, 1 December, night time works will be carried out on the underpass of Av. John F. Kennedy with Av. Máximo Gómez, and the Las Americas Expressway Tunnel. These works will continue on Saturday, 2 and 3 December. On Saturday, 2 December, the overpass at the Marginal Las Americas with Av. Los Tres Ojos will be subject to maintenance works.

    On Sunday, 3 December, the underpass at Av. Núñez de Cáceres with the Malecón will be closed to traffic from 10:30pm to 5am.

    ProConsumidor, CMD and Sisalril reject Andeclip diagnostics exclusion order
    Spokespeople from ProConsumidor, the Dominican Medical Association (CMD) and the Superintendence of Health and Labor Risks (Sisalril) rejected the decision by the Association of Private Clinics (Andeclip) to only accept diagnostics carried out at their own centers for patients awaiting operations. Andeclip represents 116 private clinics nationwide.

    Anina del Castillo of ProConsumidor said that the implementation of the measure would violate Consumer Protection Law 358-05. She said Art. 33 of the law establishes that consumers have the right to choose providers for a variety of products and services, according to the needs and desires of the patient and his or her healthcare provider. Castillo also said the measure violates General Competitiveness Law 42-08 and Social Security Law 87-01.

    Concurrently, spokespeople from CMD and Sisalril indicated the measure would be in violation to Social Security Law 87-10 in regards to patient’s right to choose. Andeclip based the decision on this enabling better control and improving their finances. Dr. Waldo Ariel Suero, president of CMD said this would affect the cost of healthcare. Suero called for the Sisalril and the National Council of Social Security (CNSS) to intervene to block the implementation of the controversial order. Pedro Luis Castellanos, head of the Sisalril, doubted the unilateral decision would prevail. He said that the decision had not officially been communicated to them. Castellanos said to accept the measure would affect other suppliers and create conflicting situations.

    On Monday, 27 November 2017 in the afternoon, Pedro Luis Castellanos of Sisalril, announced that Rafael Mena of Andeclip had told him they would postpone the application of the measure and opens talks sponsored by Sisalril.

    Another public hospital medical strike this week
    With only 12 days remaining before he hands over the presidency of the Dominican Medical Association (CMD), Dr. Waldo Ariel Suero has called for another two-day strike in the public hospitals across the country. The strike will be the eighth in the last several months and is due to go into effect on Wednesday 29 and Thursday, 30 November 2017.

    On 8 December, Suero will hand over the presidency of the CMD to association vice president, Dr. Wilson Roa, but he said that this new strike was approved by the Executive Committee as the authorities refused to discuss their claims with them. The medical association is demanding a salary increase for those doctors who still have not received the 25% increase agreed by the government and which should have been paid last August.

    Police and DNCD agents arrested for keeping drug point in San Juan de la Maguana
    Two Police officers and three agents of the National Drug Control Agency (DNCD) have been arrested following a raid carried out in the DNCD office in southwestern San Juan de la Maguana. El Dia reported that the names of those arrested in the case are Police lieutenant colonel Andrés Martínez, Police captain José Castillo, and DNCD agents Wilson Sánchez, and Wilkins Peralta and Samuel Escalante. The DNCD stated the men had committed “irregularities in the exercise of their duties”.

    The press release added that having carried out an investigation, as part of which a security camera was installed in front of the DNCD office in San Juan, it was discovered that the agents were linked to activities which were against the law in violation of the ethical, legal and professional principles. The investigation was carried out by an internal department of the DNCD together with the public prosecution service.

    More femicides
    The epidemic of femicides continues with the murder of a 26-year old woman in Boca Chica who was stabbed to death by her partner near the beach on Sunday night, 26 November 2017. The victim is Ani Mojica Ramírez; her partner Joan Antonio Rodríguez Contreras fled the scene. The couple had been living together for two years. She worked in a restaurant in Boca Chica and he was a casual laborer. Her body was taken to the Forensic Pathology department in the National District.

    On Sunday, giving a year of preventive custody to Martin Bautista Ogando for the murder of his ex- partner Geraldin Sánchez Baldera, Judge Alejandro Vargas said that he should prepare himself to serve at least 30 years in jail.

    In the past week, Ana de León was stabbed to death by her partner Luis Gonzalo in Los Brazos in Santo Domingo east, who then killed himself with the same knife.

    On Saturday, 25 November, Gabriel Ortiz was found hanged to death near the Colon Lighthouse, after seriously injuring his ex-partner Yuleici María Aquino, aged 21, in El Almirante.

    Christmas and the Tour Eiffel
    Santo Domingo West mayor Francisco Peña has turned on the lights of the Tour Eiffel iron tower located where Av. 27 de Febrero flows into Av. Luperón of the National District, besides the Rotonda de la Bandera.

    The lighting of the Tour Eiffel in Santo Domingo has become a Christmas tradition after the controversy over the high cost of the structure purchased after it had fallen into abandonment at the site of the former Euro Club Discotheque outside the Hotel Hispaniola in Santo Domingo. The structure is by well-nknown craftsman from La Romana, José Ignacio Morales (El Artístico).

    DR defeats Canada in FIBA Qualifier
    The Dominican national basketball team defeated Team Canada 88-76 (19-16, 25-14, 18-16, 26-30) in the two-day FIBA Americas Qualifier that took place in Santiago de los Caballeros at the Arena del Cibao. The DR ended the first window of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 Americas Qualifiers undefeated.

    Rigoberto Mendoza was on fire, scoring 25 points including four of five three-point throw attempts. Other top scorers for the Dominican Republic were Edward Santana (16 points), and team captain Victor Liz (14 points).

    This is only the fourth time that the DR team has defeated Canada in the past 16 matches in the past 15 years. The DR had also won in 2013, 2003 and 1995. Into the match, the Dominican Republic was ranked 17th by FIBA, while Canada was ranked 25th.

    Prior to the Canada win, the Dominican Republic had defeated Team US Virgin Islands (ranked 51st) 99-89.

    Dominican team players are: Eloy Vargas, Sadiel Rojas, Eulis Baez, Victor Liz, Rigoberto Mendoza, Dagoberto Peña, Gerardo Suero, Jonathan Araujo and Edward Santana.

    The US Virgin Islands, Canada, Dominican Republic and Bahamas (ranked 59th) are part of Group D of the 2019 FIBA World Cup Qualifiers (Americas).

    The First Round Qualifiers Americas will continue next in Nassau, Bahamas when the DR goes against Bahamas on Thursday, 22 February 2018. And then again in Santiago at the Gran Arena del Cibao when it matches the US Virgin Islands again on Sunday, 25 February 2018.

    Afterwards, the DR will travel to Canada to play Canada on Friday, 29 June 2018 in Halifax, Canada. And then the Bahamas on Monday, 2 July 2018 the Dominican team will face Bahamas again in Santiago at the Gran Arena del Cibao.
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