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Thread: Banco Leon BHD Trust account??

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    Default Banco Leon BHD Trust account??

    I did some research here however most of the info is pretty dated. I have had an account at Banco de Reservas for the last 6 or so years and am going to open another account at Banco Leon BHD next week. I don’t see any issues in doing this except for the normal stuff like passport, letter from exsisting bank etc.. That said, I am really interested in opening a “Trust Account” attached to a checking account. I want to include another name on the account of someone who is not living here in the DR. OR at the very least, name that person as a “beneficiary” in the event of death. Has anyone had any experience with opening a trust account? Does such a thing even exist here? I spoze I’ll learn something when I go to open the account. I know all about FACTA, FUBAR and the like, but was also wondering if Banco Leon BHD is still excepting account holders from “the land of the free”….That would be the US!! Thanks in advance for your thoughts!!

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    BHD will open an account for a US citizen. They will want you to fill out the FACTA form.


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