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Thread: Making a snowman

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    Default Making a snowman

    8:00 Snowman made.
    8:10 The first feminist I meet on my way
    complains why it is not a snow woman.
    8:15 So next to the snowman, I put a snow woman
    8:17 The neighbor's child carer complains about the
    large breasts of the snow woman.
    8:20 The gay man from up the street complains that
    it can also be two snowmen.
    8:25 The vegan neighbors grumble and
    say the nose, an orange carrot, what else
    could it be, food is to eat and not for decorating snowmen.
    8:30 I'm being called a racist because the snow is
    8:45 demonstration in the street (rainbow snowman)
    8:50 Swatt has closed off the street
    9.05 CNN news present
    9:10 Fatima wants a headscarf for the snow woman.
    9:20 The police also comes in and looks at the
    9:30 The security services intervene because the
    broomstick of the snowman can be used as a weapon
    9:45 ISIS claims the snowman.
    9:55 My phone is confiscated and thoroughly studied while I'm being transported blindfolded
    in a helicopter to court ...
    10:00 I am being asked if I have accomplices....
    I'm done with it. Never again I'll make a snowman...

    Don't touch our snowman!!!!

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    I like it!


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