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Thread: What Is The Best Venue For Selling An Apartment In Santo Domingo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tashi Siu's Dad View Post
    5% realtor commission is not all that the U.S. now, it is running 7-8%, plus the seller ends-up paying most of the "closing costs". Admittedly, property here does not appreciate, but usually depreciates in value. Good advice to take your "losses" and move-on to greener pastures if that suits you.
    I am currently selling my house on Long Island in NY with a reputable real estate agency.They take 4% of commission.They do advertise in news papers, setup open house,.... 4% is quite common.

    I bought a lot in Cabarete and the commission was 10% .
    So, 5% for Santo Domingo seems pretty good ! Need to know what are they going to do to sell your apartment ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlterEgo View Post
    He cannot post a link here unless it is to an ad on this site.  
    Not to worry-I am looking to do a 30 day advertisement here on DR1 soon-once the holidays are over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmythegreek View Post
    The problem with the real estate agents is the 5% commission eats into your sale price causing losses.

    I tried the newspaper, but not even one phone call.

    Any suggestions that have worked for others? Thanks.
    Add 5% to your asking price and that's what the realtor gets.

    I have used Miguel Grau in the past ( [email protected] ) when I sold one of my houses.

    He is a very active realtor and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with his service.

    Not a native, but knows the market and how it works very well.

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