# 5 = Villa Agricolas: this is where "El Mercado Nuevo" is located, gangs with members from different countries like Venezuela, Colombia and Russia fighting to control the area.

# 4 =Cristo Rey : residents of this neighborhood are from the very low class of the city, highest violence and crimes averages of SD city.

# 3 Gualey: Founded on west Ozama River basin in SD in 1957, president trujillo gave this land to people that was relocated from another area of city. This neighborhood is very famous for the "Mercado Negro" Black market, and "Sicarios" Hit mans.

# 2 Los Guandules: With the highest concentration of people living in the worse human condition, no public services,or streets, built on the Ozama river basin of Distrito Nacional.

# 1 Las Cienagas: Most violent neighborhood in the DR. 6 of each 10 death are consequence of crime related to violent assaults & feminicide. This area is controlled by a mafia of corrupts policemen some of them already removed from service due bad conduct.

Stay away from theses areas if visit Santo Domingo city capital of DR.