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Thread: plan of a house

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    Default plan of a house

    Hi ,

    I'm looking for plans of a house .
    Houses likes the Dominican style .

    Who have something like this for me ?

    Thanks , Wim .

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    Default dominican house plans

    Typical dominican country house plan for a poor to low middle class family

    draw a rectangle

    roof slants to left and right as oriented toward the street.
    wall down the middle from front to back.

    The left half is the bedroom area for 1 to 3 bedrooms. Usually a bathroom is tucked in somewhere two.

    The right half front is the sitting area,
    right middle is the dinning area
    the right rear is seperated by a wall and is the kitchen.
    The laundry etc, is at the rear on the right side
    The porch is at the front on the right side.

    It is a surprisingly simple and common plan...

    Another interesting "feature" is the way they join shorter boards to make longer ones using scarfing.... Take a look up next time you are in one.


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