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Thread: Long empty beach - is it safe to move away from resort?

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    The problem would not be safety, it would be the sun and your tired legs.

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    Between Macao beach and the Hard Rock resort is the Roko Key cliffs. That stretch is pretty much unwalkable. You can walk from the Hard Rock resort to the Barcelo compound which is probably close to 15 miles. It's all pretty much AI resorts. If you walk the other way you can get from Macao to the Zoetry resort which is about 10 miles with about 25% of that walking by uninhabited jungle.
    My advice would be to go to Bibiagua by the Barcelo and start walking north east. You might make it all they way to Hard Rock but remember you are on the beach and there is no close by cab service so you have to walk back.
    It's mostly resorts and they will not let you cut through to get a cab.
    Good luck

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