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Thread: Looking for work in the Wireless field

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    Question Looking for work in the Wireless field

    I plan on moving to DR sometime by the end of this year.
    I have over five years experience working as an RF field Engineer for AT&T Wireless and would like to find similar work in DR..
    I have emailed the different wireless providers but never get any feedback. Anyone know who to contact for information??


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    You might want to talk to Verizon in the States and see if they want to send you here. Otherwise you will be competing with Dr Telecom engineers on their home turf..

    I do not know who backs Tricom, but i think that they are in with Morotrola here. check onthat end..
    I would not recommend that you take such a step without first having acertained that there is a job waiting??

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    and I forgot about Orange and Centennial....The idea is to get a job from there, not here.
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