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    Default DR1 Daily News - Thursday, 8 March 2018

    DR1 Daily News next update on 12 March 2018
    First Lady Cándida Montilla calls to progress gender parity
    Women are making less than men in formal sector jobs
    Medina at start of the Parque Solar Canoa in Barahona
    Testing Santo Domingo’s new river skylift
    Cities want government to double their allotment
    Environment Ministry explains ban on fluorescent bulbs
    TC turns down appeal to verify Azua housing beneficiaries
    US State Department cancels visas of Odebrecht figures
    “Better world for your pet” gets results
    CMD and ANDECLIP voices support for Dr. Julio Gomez
    Man sent to jail for felling trees for furniture
    Fire affects Julieta Restaurant in Piantini
    JetBlue cancels flights. Call ahead
    COE maintains ban on North coast slamming to transmit FIFA World Cup Russia
    Puppet shows in Santo Domingo
    Diomary la Mala and Amaury Sánchez in romantic songs concert
    Easter Saturday concert with Milly, Fefita and Maridalia

    DR1 Daily News next update on 12 March 2018
    The next DR1 Daily News update will be published on Monday, 12 March 2018. The Monday issue will compile headline news for the previous Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Breaking news can be followed 24/7 in the Forums. See the DR1 Forum at

    First Lady Cándida Montilla calls to progress gender parity
    First Lady Cándida Montilla reaffirmed her commitment to Dominican women and urged them to continue their struggles for social parity that is guaranteed by the Dominican Constitution and laws.

    In her greeting to Dominican women on the occasion of "International Women's Day" on 8 March 2018, Montilla highlighted that women all around the world are joining their voices to claim their rights. "Today, as yesterday, women continue to fight for their rights. Socio-economic, political and cultural development of countries will not be possible as long as half of the population continues to be discriminated against and relegated to the lowest echelons of the social structure, "said Montilla in her International Women’s Day statement.

    She highlighted that on this day women from all over the world are recognized for their struggle for equality, equity and gender justice. She recalled that the celebration of "International Women's Day" marks the 8 March 1908 day when 15,000 female garment workers, marched through New York City's Lower East Side and rallied at Union Square, demanding economic and political rights. It also honors the memory of the 146 young women workers, most of whom were immigrants, who died in the fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in New York on 25 March 1911. The women had been protesting the low wages and miserable working conditions.

    Montilla added that this 8 March 2018 women are the protagonists of a new wave of demands at the international level since in several countries of the world, women are protesting sexist violence, sexual harassment, wage inequality, and the devaluation of feminine care for sick or disabled people in the family environment, among other demands.

    She said that in the Dominican Republic the "International Women's Day" is being commemorated with various activities, including recognition of women who have excelled in different areas of national life.

    President Danilo Medina, who has three daughters with First Lady Candida Montilla, issued a statement of admiration and absolute respect for Dominican women while recognizing the “agonizing situation of domestic violence that disrespects and crushes the lives of many women.” He highlighted the commitment of his government to assert women’s rights and freedoms."

    Vice President Margarita Cedeño, who at present is attending a FAO Conference abroad, issued a statement calling for Latin American nations to address the inequality that women suffer in agriculture with inclusive policies, considering that it is a situation that can not continue to be tolerated. "As in all areas of society, women participate in agriculture with strong inequalities, with less access to credit, to ownership and, in general, to productive channels. It is part of what makes them and their families poor, and we cannot allow this to continue,” she said when speaking at the 35th FAO Regional Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean taking place in Jamaica.

    Women are making more then men in formal sector jobs
    Academic reports say that overall women make about 35% less then men, but statistics from the Tesorería de la Seguridad Social (TSS), which registers those employed in the formal sector, women overall in the Dominican Republic are making more than men. TSS stats reveal that women in the ages of 25 to 64 years old receive wages in the range of RD$17,083.50 to RD$26,419.54 while men are in the range of RD$16,812.28 and RD$23,754.78.

    Central Bank statistics also show that as women get older, they are paid better. This is not the same situation for men. Jacqueline Mora, of Analytica, says this is because of the better academic preparation of women. She says of 372,470 employed professionals, 225,735 are women, or 60%.

    Medina at start of the Parque Solar Canoa in Barahona
    President Danilo Medina participated in the ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of the Parque Solar Canoa by Emerald Solar Energy, a joint venture between Canada-based Potentia Renewables and the Dominican Republic’s group Cisneros. The project calls for the construction of a 25 MW solar-powered plant in Barahona, in the southwest.

    Construction is expected to be completed in one year. An additional 25 MW would be added at a later stage. The project will supply power to 10,000 households.

    The project is part of the Support Plan for Renewable Energy Projects — promoted by the Dominican government and the Dominican Public Electric Corporation, CDEEE. Also participating in the ground-breaking ceremony for the Dominican government were Rubén Jiménez Bichara, executive vice president of the CDEEE; Ernesto Villalta, vice minister of Energy and Mines and Angel Canó, executive director of the National Energy Commission.

    Testing Santo Domingo’s new river skylift
    The Ministry of Public Works’ URBE skylift unit invited around 500 persons to test the skylift from 22 February to 2 March 2018. Among those making the crossing of the Ozama River using the modern mass transit system were employees of the French Development Agency that is financing the project, students of the Escuela Ave Maria, staff of the government agencies URBE, CESME, OPRET, INTRANT, and the press office of the Presidency, DICOM, the Metropolitan Bus Service (OMSA) and employees of the contractor agencies for the skylift.

    A press release from URBE explains that the protocols designed for the use of the skylift were improved based on the observations made by the first users.

    Officials and technicians made sure to address all questions posed to them by the riders who used skylift during the practice runs. URBE said that most of the passengers were concerned about the security and safety of the system, the weight limits per car, the government’s planned responses to emergency situations, the speed of the cars, ease of access and assistance that users will receive inside the skylift booths when crossing the river.

    Cities want government to double their allotment
    According to Rafael Hidalgo, the president of the Dominican Federation of Municipalities, if the government would increase the subsidies given to the different city governments to 5% of the National Budget and not charge them the 18% ITBIS tax on their purchases, the nation’s cities could improve services to their constituents. City government subsidies are contemplated in Law 176-07.

    Hidalgo urged an increase in central government subsidies from the current 2.8% of the National Budget to 5% in addition to the ITBIS tax exemption. He also suggested that the municipalities collect the tax on vehicle registrations (matrícula), the so-called circulation tax.

    Finally Hidalgo explained that the delay in the payment of the February appropriation was due to “computer problems,” according to the budget director, Luis Reyes.

    Environment Ministry explains ban on fluorescent bulbs
    The Ministry of Environment has requested the Customs Agency to ban the import of florescent light bulbs. Environment Minister Francisco Dominguez Brito has made the request to Yokasta Guzman Santos, the director of Public Procurement and to Enrique Ramirez Paniagua, the Customs Agency director.

    Domínguez explained that in October 2013, the Dominican Republic signed in Japan, the Minamata Convention on Mercury, which is still pending ratification by the Dominican Congress. The Minamata Convention on Mercury is a global treaty to protect human health and the environment from the adverse effects of mercury. The objective of the convention is to protect human health and the environment from release of mercury from gas emissions and the leaching of mercury into the water and soil. The convention called for a complete ban on production, import and export of products with mercury by 2020.

    The minister’s letter calls for the use of LED lighting or high efficient lighting instead of florescent, mercury, quartz or incandescent lighting. The ministry also requested that this type of lighting be excluded from those items permitted to be imported.

    TC turns down appeal to verify Azua housing beneficiaries
    The Constitutional Court (TC) has ultimately declined on a technicality an appeal that requested the suspension of the delivery of housing units in order to verify that the beneficiaries are really those persons displaced by tropical storms Isaac and Sandy in the city of Azua. The Civil, Commercial and Labor Chamber of the Court of First Instance in the judicial district of Azua had initially granted the appeal filed by the persons affected by the storm and a provisional suspension of the delivery of housing units in Los Toros I and II in Azua until the true situation of the beneficiaries could be established. The National Commission of Human Rights and its branch in Azua had complained that they had found out that government officials had assigned these new housing units to members of their families, friends and supporters “according to the official list deposited in the court by engineer Olgo Fernandez, the director of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (injury) and the President of the Hydroelectric Council of los Toros..”

    The project consists of 102 houses to be assigned by those who had been flooded out during the tropical storms. The court’s ruling is based on the fact that the case was filed beyond the deadline.

    US State Department cancels visas of Odebrecht figures
    The United States State Department has apparently canceled the visas of persons that have been indicted in the Odebrecht bribery scandal, as reported in El Nacional. The case file on Odebrecht says that these 14 persons are accused of having received or of having distributed US$92 million among officials, legislators and lobbyists in order to obtain government contracts in several administrations.

    Two senators and a deputy, who in spite of possessing official government passports, would have had their B1-B2 visas suspended.

    Those affected by the State Department’s decision are said to be Victor Diaz Rua, Conrado Pittaluga, Ruddy Gonzales, Andres Bautista, Temistocles Montas, Cesar Sanchez, Maximo De Oleo, Radhames Segura, Roberto Rodriguez Hernandez, and Bernardo Castellanos. Businessman Angel Rondon had already had his visa revoked. The legislators affected are said to be the senator from San Cristobal, Tommy Galan as well as the senator from Santiago, Julio Cesar Valentin and the deputy Alfredo Pacheco. It is known that senator Tommy Galán is also a US citizen.

    This information was confirmed on 7 March to the El Nacional newspaper by a high level official at the United States Embassy.

    The newspaper has also learned that a special prosecutor in New York is following the case that is being heard in the Supreme Court of Justice in the Dominican Republic.

    According to the protocol followed by the United States Embassy, it is possible that some of the persons affected by this measure are not aware their visa has been revoked and would not find out about this until they tried to leave the country for travel to the United States.

    When the US Embassy confirmed in December 2017 the cancellation of Angel Rondon’s visa it did so indicating that the government of the United States would continue to apply significant measures against those persons who commit abuse in the area of human rights or corruption.

    “Better world for your pet” gets results
    An awareness campaign sponsored by the Mallen Veterinary company has served to educate many pet owners how to best care for their pets. The company launched a campaign in the social media, interviewing some 30 persons and getting their opinions about their pets and how the pets have changed their lives.

    The awareness campaign has laid out eight objectives for the better care of pets: periodical visits to the vet; proper feeding of the pet; creating a proper space; proper washing; proper training; good opportunities for exercise; lots of play and socializing; and the often forgotten picking up their droppings and finally, being kind and fair to the animal.

    The digital newspaper interviewed Maite Mallen, the marketing director of the company. She stressed the importance that people become more aware of the proper care of pets.

    Together with a social media campaign, the company also sponsored a short film entitled “A better world for your pet,” starring Nashla Bogaert, Christian Alvarez and Luka, a service dog.

    The Mallen Veterinary sells Royal Canin foods for dogs, and cooperates with the “El Arca” pet shops at the Bravo Supermarkets. The company also supports the pet burial section at Parque del Prado, a private cemetery in Santo Domingo.

    CMD and ANDECLIP voices support for Dr. Julio Gomez
    The Dominican Medical Association (CMD), the National Association of Private Clinics (ANDECLIP) and the Council of Medical Specialists reaffirmed on 7 March 2018, their support for gynecologist, Dr. Julio Gomez, who is accused by the Public Ministry of voluntary manslaughter. He and a nephew have been in preventive custody since the end of last year.

    Dr. Gomez is accused of the death of a home invader as he attempted to protect himself and his family in September 2017 in his home in Sabana Perdida. The victim, Miguel Andres Baez (Lagrimita) had seven crime files against him, according to his lawyer Margarita Reyes. In the Dominican Republic there are no “Stand Your Ground” or “Castle” laws that provide protection for persons in their homes.

    “Lagrimita” was lynched by a mob outside the home of Gómez when attempting to run. Witnesses said that Gómez had asked for the Police to be called instead of the violent acts by others in the community against the assailant.

    Recently, the protective custody for the doctor was renewed for three more months by the Public Ministry. The members of the medical community had told various newspapers that the doctor has not been brought before the judge who is handling the case in which he is accused of aggravated homicide or manslaughter. Dr. Gomez has claimed that all he did was try to defend himself and his family from a home invasion.

    The medical guild is asking the Court of Appeals in the National District to set a date for the appeal they have filed through their legal department.

    Man sent to jail for felling trees for furniture
    The Ministry of Environment reported the arrest of the leader of a gang that cut and sold trees harvested from the banks of the Yaque del Norte River in the area of La Canela in the province of Santiago. The Ministry of Environment press release notes that 52-year old José Manuel Clarisio Jerez, has been sent to the Rafey Jail for three months of preventive custody for violating Environment Law 64-00.

    Environment Minister Francisco Dominguez Brito said: “Anyone who goes against mother nature should be in jail because a crime against nature is a crime against humanity. For each tree that is cut down, it’s like we’re killing the world slowly.”

    Dominquez Brito also recognized the efforts being made by the National Environmental Protection Service (SENPA) and the support received by the Specialized Prosecutor Force for the Environment in Santiago.

    The decision by the court to send the Jerez to Rafey was also commended by Dominguez Brito.

    The case only broke open after several months of tracking and using in intelligence operations in order to catch Jerez in the act. Jerez and his hired help cut down trees in isolated areas along the Yaque del Norte River, using chainsaws. The trees were then cut them up for transportation in closed vehicles.

    The Saman tree wood was then made into furniture that was marketed as made from mahogany.

    Besides jail time, the persons indicted also face possible fines of up to 500 minimum salaries, or around RD$3 million.

    Fire affects Julieta Restaurant in Piantini
    A fire broke out today affecting the first and second floors of the kitchen and warehouse of the Julieta Restaurant on Av. Gustavo Mejía corner Manuel de Jesús Troncoso in Piantini. Customers in the restaurant were promptly evacuated. Diario Libre reports that the fire was quickly brought under control by National District firemen. There were no victims.

    JetBlue cancels flights. Call ahead
    Aerodom announced the fierce winter storm in the US northeast has forced cancellations of several JetBlue flights to Santo Domingo and Puerto Plata international airports. Aerodom manages both airports.

    The flights affected passengers headed to New York and Boston by way of the Las Americas International Airport (SDQ) and Gregorio Luperon International Airport (POP). Aerodom is recommending double checking with the airline for cancellations and delays prior to heading to the airport.

    Aerodom provides the platform www.aerodom,com, for up-to-date information on flight status as well as their page on Facebook or twitter (Aerodom RD and @Aerodom RD.

    COE maintains ban on North coast slamming
    The Center of Emergency Operations (COE) is maintaining for Thursday, 8 March 2018, the high alert along the entire Atlantic coast because of abnormally high waves. Use of beaches from Montecristi in the southwest to Cabo Engaño in La Altagracia province, on the eastern coast is banned.

    The unusually heavy surf is attributed to low pressure areas to the north. Small craft advisories are also in place and people are asked to stay away from the beaches.

    Boats are allowed to sail in the Samana Bay but are not allowed to leave the area. Today and tomorrow a low pressure trough will be crossing the country increasing humidity and cloud cover and likely bringing more rains to the North, Northeast, Southeast and the central mountains. to transmit FIFA World Cup Russia
    Diario Libre announced it has obtained the rights to the online transmission on of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia from 14 June to 15 July. The online transmission will start at 9am local time and the afternoon transmissions at 2pm. The channels Antena 7 and Antena 21 have secured the rights for the TV transmission in the Dominican Republic.

    64 games will be played to decide the winner of the FIFA World Cup. It will be the first time a local company is licensed for the transmission.

    32 teams are participating in the tournament that opens on 14 June with the game between host country Russia and Saudi Arabia at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. Other host cities are Ekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Kazan, Saransk, Kaliningrad, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod and Volgograd.

    Puppet shows in Santo Domingo
    Puppeteers from Mexico, Venezuela, and Spain are joining Dominican puppeteers for the First International Puppets and Animated Objects Fair (FITO) at different halls in Santo Domingo, Diario Libre reports. Basilio Nova, director of the Teatro Cúcara-Mácara in Santo Domingo explained the hosting of the event is to celebrate the 37th anniversary of the theater group. He says studies have shown the best way to get people interested in theater is to start them early, as children. It also coincides with the celebration of the World Day of Puppetry on 21 March. Tickets to the shows are RD$300.

    The shows are:
    “Los tres pelos de oro” by Títeres y Marionetas el Tenderete (Mexico) on Thursday, 8 March and Friday, 9 March at 10:30am at the Sala Aida Bonelly of the National Theater, Saturday 10 March at 5:30pm at the Centro Cultural de España, Colonial City; and Sunday, 11 March at 6:30pm at the Sala Aida Bonelly of the National Theater.
    “Aquí Hay Gato Encerrado”, by Producciones Valentina Castellanos, from Venezuela will be shown at the Teatro Monina Solá, of the Centro Cultural Narciso González. Shows are Thursday, 8 March and Friday, 9 March at 10:30am.
    “Juego de Letras, es de poetas,” by Tenderete from Spain, at the Teatro Cúcara-Mácara. Shows are Thursday, 8 March and Friday, 9 March at 10:30am.

    Diomary la Mala and Amaury Sánchez in romantic songs concert
    Singer Diomary la Mala and conductor-pianist Amaury Sánchez, two close friends, announce the performance of two evenings with romantic songs in March 2018. These will be on Friday, 23 March at the Gran Teatro del Cibao in Santiago and on Saturday, 24 March at the Teatro La Fiesta of the Jaragua Renaissance Hotel in Santo Domingo. Both shows start at 9pm.

    Easter Saturday concert with Milly, Fefita and Maridalia
    The Blue Mall Amphitheater in Punta Cana announces the performance of singers Milly Quezada, Maridalia Hernández and Fefita La Grande for Saturday, 31 March 2018. The evening show, “Las 3 grandes en concierto” gathers the three women that have won the Gran Soberano, the highest award granted by the Association of Show Business Chroniclers (Acroarte). Tickets are for sale at Uepa Tickets, CCN, Jumbo, Supermercados Nacional. General admission is RD$2,250.
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