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Thread: Dominican Marriage/Long Term Relationship Preference (Gallup 1995)

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    Dominican men talk among themselves all of the time - especially those working in the large hotels on the east coast. They all say/think the same things about the different nationalities:

    Canadian women are very controlling but the visa (post marriage) is one of the easiest to get.
    American women are sex mad - want it all the time.
    German or British women - no point in bothering as for the visas (post marriage) you need to be able to pass an exam in German/English and that can be difficult.
    Spanish women - easiest as no language difficulties and the Schengen visa means you can travel all over Europe.


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    There are many variables why some may think that Canada is a good place to live (Marry a Canadian).
    There is Free Health Plan (Not the best in practice).
    It is a big country with few people .
    multi-culture society.... empowers Women,... everyone is ''supposed'' to be on equal grounds..(Ya right).

    The initial photo looks good... to live in.. then reality hits.
    Yes I am Canadian, and have asked many Refugees and Immigrants why they choose Canada.
    Everyone had their own reasons and all seemed to be reasonable.

    There is a Dominican Man living in my home in Canada. He loves it here , friendly people, relative safety , low crime and lots of opportunities.
    That's what he told me ten minutes ago.

    I have lived and worked in USA, Europe and the orient.
    Spent a lot of time in the ''other Canada 4th world northern Culture''.. and Alaska.
    But like my Late Wife, always glad to be back home in Nova Scotia.

    I think, in my humble opinion, that it is all a matter of attitude and comfort zones.
    Haitians also live in Canada ; one 'Her Excellency Michel Jean, Governor General of Canada' was born in Haiti.

    Thats enough rambling. Time to watch a Hockey Game.

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    ...most canadians live within 100 miles of the USA border.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by USA DOC View Post
    ...most canadians live within 100 miles of the USA border.....
    And most Canadians haven't been to the states.

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