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Another airline to the US - Just what this market needs.

I don't want to pay less. I want to pay more for newer well maintained planes, a professional crew that doesn't find it necessary to entertain the passengers with jokes and a song, a decent on board food service, and most importantly a better class of well behaved passengers. I don't see any of this with flycana.

This island needs more flights to places like Mexico, Jamaica, Cuba, central america etc. Another flight to NY, please shoot me now.

If they want to charge super low fares like $49, I'd pay that to fly to Santo Domingo or Punta Cana instead of taking the bus any day of the week. This country needs a milk run airline between the 5 main population zones not another flight north. For that price, I'd even take more frequent overnight trips around the DR just for fast food and a change of scenery.
Before the Samana highway was built, there were flights from SDQ up to Portillo outside of LT and Las Galeras - I took it a number of times. Are they not still in operation? I guess it is only less than 3 hrs on the Samana highway via bus - and they leave every hour (although it is really hard for folks to actually FIND where they leave from - behind La Sirena in the Zone)