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Thread: DR1 Daily News - Wednesday, 23 May 2018

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    Default DR1 Daily News - Wednesday, 23 May 2018

    City mayor announces it is working on Duarte & Paris chaos
    City government begins rescue of Plazoleta La Trinitaria
    Skylift over Ozama River is open
    Promoting the National History Award
    Queen Letizia visits Azua
    Nine government officials dismissed for scandalous faults
    Importing plastic from Haiti to the Dominican Republic?
    Six months in preventive custody for accused killer of a student
    Why was the naval spokesman shot?
    Provinces under weather alert
    2018 Hurricane season approaching
    Heavy rains cause flooding in Nagua
    First win of Dominican women’s volleyball team in Nations League
    Shrek at the National Theater

    City mayor announces it is working on Duarte & Paris chaos
    The “Duarte con Paris” intersection should be renamed “Pandemonium con Bedlam” given this intersection’s infamous reputation for disorder. Historically, city governments have failed to effectively deal with the hordes of street vendors hawking their wares along the street. Over the years, the intersection traffic off the Av. 27 de Febrero overpass run into when driving to the Juan Pablo Duarte Bridge has seemingly been taken over by more and more informal vendors that have sprawled into the street causing already congested traffic to move even slower.

    Now, the National District government under Mayor David Collado says they are looking at the example of how city leaders in Guayaquil, Ecuador have successfully addressed the street vendor problem in that city. Collado said the 10 vendor leaders will be taken to Guayaquil to see for themselves how the solution has worked in their favor. He said the private sector would then move in to rescue the area.

    The city mayor says an agreement has already been reached with the informal vendors in the main campus of the state university UASD that has resulted in the freeing of 40% of the public spaces these had taken over.

    City government begins rescue of Plazoleta La Trinitaria
    The National District government announced it is working on the restoration of the Plazoleta La Trinitaria, at the entrance to the city. Likewise, the city government has budgeted RD$33.7 million for the refurbishing of buildings located from Josefa Brea to Paseo de los Periodistas.

    Mayor David Collado and Minister of Culture Eduardo Selman, together with the president of the national symbols commission (Comisión de Efermerides Patrias) Juan Daniel Bacácer announced the initiative.

    The budget calls for RD$14 million for the renovation of the city plaza and another RD$19.7 million in paint for the refurbishing of the buildings bordering the 27 de Febrero Avenue overpass. The works would be completed in four months time.

    Skylift over Ozama River is open
    The Santo Domingo Teleferico was inaugurated on Tuesday, 22 May 2018 at 4 pm by President Danilo Medina who rode to the Gualey station for the ceremony.

    The Teleferico stations are Gualey, Los Tres Brazos, Sabana Perdida and Charles de Gaulle. Over a path of five kilometers, the skylift connects the municipalities of Santo Domingo north and Santo Domingo East with the National District. The stations are located from the “Puente de la 17” in western Santo Domingo to Av. Charles de Gaule in eastern Santo Domingo.

    The skylift will serve a population of 287,000 people when facilitating their commute from east to west Santo Domingo.

    Speaking at the inaugural, the director of the project, Jose Miguel Gonzalez Cuadra said that it is one of the most modern systems in Latin America and will benefit a population of 287,000 persons that will see considerable reductions in cost and time of their commutes. Estimates are that the service will benefit 132,773 people that live in Gualey, 57,510 in Los Tres Brazos, and 97,149 in Sabana Perdida. 80% of the population in these communities rely on public transport to get around.

    Barrios that are benefiting from the collective transport system are Villa Blanca, Salomé Ureña, La Nueva Barquita, Los Guandules, Espaillat, María Auxiliadora, Urbanización Moisés, Los Mina Norte, Brisa de los Palmares and La Victoria.

    The system cost US$8.4 million per kilometer and each cabin has capacity for 10 persons. There is free wifi service in the four stations. The skylift is estimated to transport 16,553 persons per day in its first year.

    A first month of free service at peak hours has been announced. The peak hours are 6-9am and 5 to 8pm. Afterward the month, the cable car will cost RD$20 per journey and will connect with the Santo Domingo metro for no additional charge.

    The skylift was built by the Urbe office, but now will be operated by Opret, the Santo Domingo Metro office. The sky lift has connections to four stations located on Charles de Gaulle Avenue. It allows for connecting to Line 2A and 2B of the Santo Domingo Metro. From there, commuters can connect to Line 1.

    Many Santo Domingo residents affected by the construction complained the builders have not met their promises.

    Promoting the National History Award
    Minister of Culture Eduardo Selman is promoting the Jose Gabriel Garcia 2018 History Award. The annual award will go to the person who publishes a work that tells a previously untold story and is a transcendental contribution to Dominican history telling. The contest was created by Decree 3-17 dated 6 January 2017. The Ministry says the intention is to inspire more historical research projects.

    Authors interested in submitting a manuscript for the award may reside in the Dominican Republic or abroad. A RD$500,000 prize has been established, but the jury has the discretion to not declare a winner. The winner will be announced on 7 November 2018. The works need to be submitted with a pseudonym.

    The rules for participating are published at the Ministry of Culture website at

    Queen Letizia visits Azua
    Queen Letizia Ortiz of Spain arrived in Los Tramojos, Azua at around 10 am on Tuesday, 22 May, as part of her two-day mission to visit Spanish cooperation projects in the Dominican Republic.

    Queen Letizia was received by businesswoman Diana Cespedes, with whom she toured the organic banana plantation. The media reported that on occasion in 2017 of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Fundación Microfinanzas BBVA that financed the banana farm, local organic banana producer Diana Céspedes had invited Queen Letizia to visit the plantation in Los Tramojos, Azua.

    The plantation is the source of employment for many rural families in the area. The banana plantation exports an average of three containers of bananas a week to Europe.

    The Agriculture Cooperative Los Tainos (Coopprobata) has 20 members, including Diana Cespedes, and COOPPROBATA received assistance from the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for Development (AECID).

    Nine government officials dismissed for scandalous faults
    Nine high ranking members of the Medina administration have been dismissed following public scandals for corruption, fraud, murder, rape, murder for hire and even incest. The dismissals ordered by President Danilo Medina took place following a number of stories in the media based on court hearings.

    Van Troy Suazo was appointed on 19 February 2018 as Deputy Minister of Youth, but at the same time came a message from the jail in Bani that he was serving three months as coercive measures for domestic violence against his wife. The following day he was dismissed from his post.

    Diandino Peña is the exdirector of Opret who was sacked following an interview with Alicia Ortega based on a nine month investigation showing that he was the main beneficiary and legal representative of at least 29 companies, including 15 registered abroad.

    Arsenio Quevedo, president of the National Union of Transporters (Utrafin) was dismissed as Deputy Director of the Metropolitan Office of Bus Services (OMSA) having been accused in 2015 of running a network of hit men, whose work was to kill drivers.

    Manuel Rivas, former director of OMSA was fired on 16 October 2017 having been arrested linked to the case of the murder of University Professor Yuniol Ramírez, on Wednesday 11 October in the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) car park.

    Marlin Martínez was dismissed from the Passport Office after being accused of hiding evidence and complicity in the murder of pregnant teenager Emely Peguero, who was pregnant by her son.

    Donni Santana was dismissed as ambassador and director of the National Border Council having been investigated for supposedly raping his step-daughter.

    Temístocles Montás, member of the Political Commttee of the Dominican Liberation Party, was dismissed as Minister of Industry, Commerce and SMEs having been accused of accepting bribes from the Brazilian construction company, Odebrecht.

    Leoncio Almánzar was dismissed as director of the Dominican Corporation of State Companies (CORDE) having been interrogated as being associated with the sale of land in the Los Tres Brazos area of Santo Domingo East.

    José Joaquín Domínguez Peña was fired two days after an investigation into land sales belonging to the State Sugar Council (CEA) recommended his removal as executive director.

    Importing plastic from Haiti to the Dominican Republic?
    Ministry of Environment agents stopped a freight container full of plastic bottles at the border and forced the truck to return to Haiti. The freight truck (Freightliner L215431) did not have permission to export the waste materials to the Dominican Republic. The truck was detained at the Customs Agency in Independencia province. The shipment would be in violation to Environment Law 64-00 that regulates the transport of chemical substances and other materials that could put at risk the health and conservation of natural resources.

    As reported in El Dia, the bottles were to be taken to a recycling plant in the city of Santiago.

    Six months in preventive custody for accused killer of a student
    National District Judge José Alejandro Vargas has imposed coercive measures of six months in preventive custody on Air Force Captain Narciso Sánchez Jiménez, accused of the death of young student Yulissa Merdily Acosta Parra and of injuring her boyfriend Edgar Leito. Sánchez Jiménez will serve his sentence at Najayo Jail.

    The incident occurred on Sunday 13 May, when the 24-year old woman was travelling in a vehicle with her 32-year old boyfriend at 9 pm on George Washington Avenue (Malecón) near the corner of Espaillat.

    Their vehicle bumped by another car, driven by the captain. Sánchez Jimenez allegedly began to shoot at the couple, with a bullet hitting the young lady in the head.

    Why was the naval spokesman shot?
    Although on Monday, 21 May 2018, the National Police explained that naval spokesman Augusto Alberto Lizardo González was shot during an armed robbery as the assailants intended to steal Lizard Gonzalez’s pistol. However, according to witnesses, this was not the case. The witnesses, who do not want to be identified, have said that there were several men watching him from a vehicle.

    Neighbors said that the vehicle was parked at the intersection of Privada Street with Paseo de los Indios, minutes before 8 pm when the shooting happened, The vehicle was parked in a dark area, with no lights on, and was approached by a man on a motorcycle. A man got out of the vehicle and mounted the back of the motorcycle and they rode towards the apartment of Lizardo who was there with his children.

    The witnesses went on to say that Lizardo was in front of his car when one of the men aimed a gun at him and said, “Do you remember me? This is how we wanted to meet you.” There was then a struggle during which the man on the motorcycle shot twice at point blank rage, to which Lizardo tried to respond to but his firearm jammed.

    Provinces under weather alert
    Six provinces are under green alert for possible floods due to the development of a tropical wave. According to the National Meteorological Office (Onamet) the tropical wave is to the east of the Windward Isles in the Lesser Antilles and heading westwards between 18 and 28 kph.

    In addition there is a large area of cloud and rain from the Northwest of the Caribbean Sea and the Florida peninsula but it has nil possibility of converting into a tropical cyclone within the next 48 hours.

    Given the conditions of the Atlantic Ocean, small and medium sized boats are warned to stay close to shore due to high winds and rough seas. In addition, those sailing on the Caribbean Ocean between Cabo Rojo and Beata are also advised not to venture into open water.

    The Center for Emergency Operations (COE) has said that the green alert is in place for the provinces of Sánchez Ramírez, La Vega, San Cristóbal, Monseñor Nouel, La Altagracia and Monte Plata.

    2018 Hurricane season approaching
    Metereologist Francisco Holguin of the National Meteorological Office (Onamet) alerts residents in the Dominican Republic to check their preparedness for a hurricane. The Atlantic hurricane season begins on 1 June and ends on 30 November, and international forecasters are forecasting 14 to 16 named storms this year. August and September are the most active months for hurricanes in the Caribbean.

    He called for residents on the island to be prepared and explained that the Center for Emergency Operations (COE) and the World Food Program (PMA) would be running simulations as well as reviewing contingency plans and existing procedures and protocols to ensure readiness by the beginning of the season.

    Heavy rains cause flooding in Nagua
    Several communities are still cut off following heavy rains on Monday, 21 May 2018 in northeastern city of Nagua in María Trinidad Sánchez province, due to the overflowing of the rivers and destruction of some infrastructures.

    The El Helechal River as well as the Nagua River and other streams, overflowed causing damage to buildings, roads and farmland. A number of schools were closed due to the storm.

    According to the authorities, the floods have affected hundreds of acres of rice, cocoa, bananas and yams. In addition the rains affected the tourist area of Guaconejo, which is visited by hundreds of foreigners.

    The residents of the area called on the Minister of Public Works and President Danilo Medina to rebuild the road from Quebrada Frías to Vuelta Larga, in such a way that it becomes resistant to floods.

    First win of Dominican women’s volleyball team in Nations League
    The Dominican women’s volleyball team traveled to Ankara, Turkey in the continuation of the Volleyball Nations League, the most important annual volleyball tournament.

    After losing their first four games to China, Belgium and Korea, the Dominican women’s volleyball team traveled to Ankara, Turkey and won their first game against Argentina. The scores were 24-26, 24-26 and 19-25. The Dominican team is now playing Argentina, Brazil and Turkey in the week two of the preliminary round.

    The Dominican Republic is one of 16 teams that are competing in the preliminary round over five weeks in a total of 20 pools of four teams each. China, as host, will then compete against the best five teams in Nanjing, from 27 June to 1 July 2018.

    Shrek at the National Theater
    JAM Academy is presenting the musical Shrek for children in the Dominican Reblic at the end of the school year. The lead roles are by Jose Alexander Díaz (Shrek), Annabelle Aquino and Priscilla Maltés (Princess Fiona), Fernando Bruno (donkey), Rafael Ravelo (Lord Farquaad), Caterina Abel and Isabel Garrigo (Teen Fiona), Lucia Bisono and Coral Gonzalez (young Fiona). Elizabeth Lenhardt is the producer.

    The shows are 16 June at 5:30pm and 17 June at 11:30am and 5:30pm. Tickets are RD$1,355, RD$1,05 and RD$970 and are available online at Uepa Tickets and the box office of the National Theater.
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