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Thread: Dominican Kid Ruthlessly Stabbed to Death in The Bronx

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlterEgo View Post
    The Dominicans I know would be repulsed by this gang, but don’t try to tell me that many others don’t admire them and wish they could be tough like them. They’re just tigures on steroids, with more money than the boys back in the DR barrios.

    There’s an element of Dominican society who looks up to them.
    unfortunately you are correct.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jd426 View Post
    And you may be right , but I heard he never got out of the Airport ...
    Both stories cant be true
    He was supposedly shipped back to the USA under heavy guard.
    I tried a couple of Goggle searches and other than mentioning he was arrested/turned himself in while in la rep dom that is the end of talk about him. I certainly don't remember any videos of him arriving at the airport or of him being escorted down the steps of the police station on his way to court.

    Every other person has been shown being put in the patrol car and their first day in court.

    I think like you said and a comment I read in that link i posted above ........... he is in a gilded cage singing like a canary.

    I also wondered why he was the only one who decided to get out of the USA fast.

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