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    Default DR1 Daily News - Thursday, 28 June 2018

    DR1 Daily News next update on 2 July 2018
    Regional statesmen come for SICA Summit
    City governments get equipment for better waste management and disaster mitigation
    Preparing for the Special Olympics Tennis Worlds
    Foreign investment up 13.7%
    New data shows manufacturing is at record high
    Robert Williams has praise for DR banking system
    Will the Central Electoral Board take control?
    Centro Economico del Cibao poll: Luis Abinader would defeat Leonel Fernandez
    It’s Mango Festival time in Baní
    Will China help install a waste incineration central?
    Farmers call for national strategy to help gain greater global market share
    Experts look at ability of electrical grid to withstand disasters
    AIRD continues to fight Border Incentives Law 28 -01
    Santiago protest calls for repairs two bridges and roads
    Judge sends two to jail for trafficking Venezuelan women
    Hot weather solution: Find a fresh water swimming hole
    DR plays Canada for berth in FIBA Basketball World Cup

    DR1 Daily News next update on 2 July 2018
    The next DR1 Daily News update will be published on Monday, 2 July 2018. The Monday issue will compile headline news for the previous Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Breaking news can be followed 24/7 in the Forums. See the DR1 Forum at

    Regional statesmen come for SICA Summit
    The Dominican Republic is hosting this 28-30 June 2018, the 51th Meeting of Heads of State and Government of the Central American Integration System (SICA). Scheduled to participate in the meeting are presidents Carlos Alvarado Quesada, Costa Rica; Salvador Sánchez Cerén, El Salvador; Juan Carlos Varela, Panamá; Jimmy Morales, Guatemala; and Danilo Medina, Dominican Republic.

    Vice President Maria Antonia Rivera will represent Honduras, Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington, Belize, and Foreign Minister Denis Moncada, Nicaragua.

    On Friday, 29 June 2018, a follow up meeting of the eight Central American foreign ministers and the Dominican Republic will take place at the Convention Center of the Ministry of Foreign Relations.

    On Saturday, 20 June 2018 a working breakfast is set with the participation of the presidents prior to the general assembly with the participation of the presidents and foreign ministers.
    Parallel with the event, the Ministry of Foreign Relations is hosting the Forum for Export and Investment that seeks to promote exports. The event is also staged at the Ministry of Foreign Relations’s convention center. Of 450 businesses that are participating, 250 are from the Dominican Republic. “The intention is to promote our exports, investment and public-private dialogue, to increase the competitiveness of SICA countries,” said Foreign Minister Miguel Vargas of the Dominican Republic.

    City governments get equipment for better waste management and disaster mitigation
    The Medina administration has made available RD$450 million in equipment to city governments for the technical shutdown of waste dumps in Santiago, Moca, Villa Altagracia, Hato del Yaque, Verón-Punta Cana, Tamboril, Puerto Plata and Azua. Heavy equipment is also delivered to be used in emergency situations under Dominicana Limpia-backed projects. The different city governments and municipal districts will now be able to better deal with natural disasters.

    President Danilo Medina was present at the event that took place at the Dominican Municipal League (LMD) headquarters in Santo Domingo. 392 city governments received heavy equipment for city cleaning. The Presidente beer brewery, Cervecería Nacional Dominicana contributed 17 trucks to city governments that have begun waste separation programs.

    The effort for waste separation and recycling and the efficient management of wastes is coordinated by Domingo Contreras, of the Integral Plan for the Handling of Solid Wastes, “Dominicana Limpia” (Clean Dominicana). He said that 88 municipalities and municipal districts were participating in the project.

    In addition to its use for shutting down waste dumps, the equipment can also be used at active refuse dumps around the country. The donation corresponded to the celebration of the first year anniversary of the Dominicana Limpia project that is heavily supported by the private sector.

    According to newspaper accounts the equipment was acquired through public tender for the amount of some RD$450 million with payment being made by the government and private entities.

    Johnnie Jones, the Secretary-General of the LMD, said the equipment delivery marks the definitive beginning of effective handling of solid waste for the first time as a policy of the state.

    The equipment delivered to each city government consists of two vibrating compactors (steam rollers), two bulldozers, two excavators, two graders, two rear hoes, a lowboy heavy equipment transporter, six trucks, three crew trucks and four crew cab pickup trucks. The different municipalities also received equipment for removing trash after a major storm, such as motorized wood saws, blowers, and sprayers together with hazmat suits.

    Also present at the delivery were Presidency Minister Gustavo Montalvo, Administrative Minister of the Presidency Jose Ramon Peralta, and Interior & Police Minister José Ramón Fadul, Environment Minister Angel Estevez and Economy Minister Isidoro Santana. Also Attending were the president of the Dominican Federation of Municipal Districts Ramón Santos and the executive director of Dominicana Limpia, Jorge Luis Bisono.

    Preparing for the Special Olympics Tennis Worlds
    First Lady Candida Montilla is heading the volunteers group for the Special Olympics World Tennis Invitational to take place in Santo Domingo at the Mirador del Este tennis courts in November 2018. The first activity of the volunteers group took place at the Sports Hall of Fame in the Olympic Center. The movement seeks to promote solidarity and inclusion. First Lady Candida Montilla has developed the CAID centers, for special education for those with special needs.

    Around 400 athletes from 40 countries are expected for the Special Olympics World Tennis Invitational. The event is hosted by the Office of the First Lady in coordination with Special Olympics Latin America and the logistics and operational support of the Ministry of Sports (Miderec).

    Santo Domingo will also host this year the Global Athletes Congress and the Annual Meeting of the International Board of Directors of Special Olympics, from 9 to 17 November 2018.

    Foreign investment up 13.7%
    The Dominican Republic captured US$809.8 million in direct foreign investment during the first quarter of year 2018. This is 13.7% more than for the same period last year. The director of the CEI-RD, Marius de León said the country leads in attracting foreign investment in the Caribbean and is second in the Central American region. De León says the CEI-RD has identified agro-exports as a main focus for investments. De León spoke during the monthly luncheon of the American Chamber of Commerce.

    He also acknowledged that Dominican exports are stagnated and even declined in relation to the Gross Domestic Product. He observed that when gold exports are excluded, Dominican exports have only increased 1% over the past five years.

    De León told his audience the CEI-RD is also focusing on building a country brand.

    New data shows manufacturing is at record high
    The Monthly Index of Manufacturing Activity (IMAM) shows unusual vigor for the local manufacturing sector. For the first time, the IMAM has topped 66.5%. Reports are that for the past four months, the country has registered figures over 50%, a positive sign. A reading above 50% indicates that the manufacturing industry generally is growing, while a reading below 50% indicates general contraction.

    In all but one of the groups of companies by size, there was growth. Micro business showed increase of 43.9 to 48.3. Medium-sized business moved from 60.2 to 63.3, big business went from 64.1 to 69.6. Only small business posted a decrease, dropping from 68.6 to 67.

    Sales volume went from 67.8 in April to 71.9 in May. Production volume increased from 63.8 in April to 75 in May. But employment was down, from 55.9 in April to 55.2 in May.

    Robert Williams has praise for DR banking system
    Robert Williams, senior vice president at Scotiabank, and country head for the Dominican Republic, described the Dominican Republic as a destination of great interest for the expansion of the Canadian bank. After a meeting with Central Bank governor Hector Valdez Albizu, he praised the guarantees of the financial system in digital technology and cybersecurity.

    Will the Central Electoral Board take control?
    Last week the Central Electoral Board (JCE) issued Resolution 12-2018 ordering political partisan campaigning to stop. There are 21 registered political parties. But, so far, the resolution seems to address the premature activity by pre-candidates for the presidential nomination of the ruling PLD party, as these have revved up their campaigning two years before the legal time for electoral campaigning is due in 2020. Meanwhile, a political parties bill that would impose checks and controls on campaigns languishes in Congress, given the impasse between those who back President Danilo Medina and legislators in favor of former President Leonel Fernandez.

    A report in El Caribe says that right now the authority of the JCE is being questioned. So far, the politicians have ignored the order to cease campaigning. The president of Alianza País, Guillermo Moreno had requested that the JCE issue an electoral campaign ruling that would cover campaigning time, spending issues and access to the media.

    El Caribe reports that the legality and applicability of JCE Resolution 12-2018 has been questioned by former President Leonel Fernández, lawyers Emmanuel Esquea Guerrero, Vinicio (Vinicito) Castillo, Namphi Rodríguez and by the former president of the Central Electoral Board (JCE) Roberto Rosario. They agree that the JCE went too far in issuing a measure that has no legal basis and violates fundamental rights. They also question the that the JCE ordered the Ministry of Interior and Police, city governments and provincial governments to implement the order.

    However, lawyers Cristóbal Rodríguez and Carlos Salcedo, former President Hipólito Mejía, former president of the JCE Ramon Manuel Morel Cerda, and members of the JCE José Ángel Aquino and Eddy Olivares, entities such as the Institutionality and Justice Foundation (Finjus), Justice and Transparency and Citizen Participation have defended the legality of the measure and given its support, says the El Caribe report.

    Furthermore, it points out that it is not the first time that the JCE tries to control the electoral campaign through regulations, but that this has not been successful either in the past due to the absence of a legal framework.

    Centro Económico del Cibao poll: Luis Abinader would defeat Leonel Fernández
    A recent Centro Económico Cibao poll shows Luis Abinader of the PRM with a 43.6% electoral preference compared to Leonel Fernández of the ruling PLD party with 36.6%. The same poll shows that if the 2015 Constitution were changed to allow President Danilo Medina to win, he would tie with Luis Abinader. The poll was carried out 9 to 14 June 2018.

    Abinader is gaining in voter preference, compared to Leonel Fernández, the eligible pre-candidate to beat in the ruling party. Abinader increased his positioning from 39.5% in the previous 11-14 May 2018 poll by the same company, to 43.6%. At the same time, Fernández’s popularity declined, from 36.6% to 39%.

    Although the incumbent Danilo Medina is constitutionally impeded from running for the next election, he was included in the study that presented Abinader slightly outstripping him, 40.8% to 40.1%, with a decrease of Medina, 1.9%, and a slight rise of 0.7% for Abinader.

    80.8% of those surveyed by the firm said change is needed. 74.8% of those polled said the country is headed in the wrong direction. This opinion had been had by 69.8% in the previous May poll.

    For the poll, 1,500 persons eligible to vote were interviewed. The poll has a margin of error of plus/minus 2.5%.

    It’s Mango Festival time in Baní
    President Danilo Medina was present in Baní for the opening of the 14th Baní Mango Festival on Wednesday, 27 June 2018. The event will be held this weekend centered at the Baní Central Park. The 2018 fair is dedicated to Roberto Serrano, president of Peravia Industrial (La Famosa), a farming manufacturer with more than 60 years on the market.

    In his opening words of the festival, Agriculture Minister Osmar Benítez highlighted the importance of the Baní producers in the production and marketing of the mango.

    The Festival marks the start of the summer mango season runs from Wednesday, 27 June to Monday, 2 July 2018.

    Will China help install a waste incineration central?
    The People’s Republic of China is having discussions with the Dominican government for the installation of a waste incineration central that would also generate 30MW and the installation of a gas-fired power plant to generate 50MW. These would call for US$274 million in investment. There are also talks of a multifunctional water project to be built at a cost of US$350 million and the construction of 10,000 low cost housing units of 50-65 meters, for more than US$200 million.

    Dominican Republic imports US$1.6 billion from China in 2017. The DR exports minerals, metals and medical devices to China. Big Chinese businesses operating in the country are Powerchina, Avic Internacional, Huawei, ZTE, Mega Star, Yutong and Nonfemet.

    Farmers call for national strategy to help gain greater global market share
    The National Confederation of Farm Producers (Confenagro), explained on 27 June 2018 the need to create a National Strategy of Farm Development that looks ahead to 2030 and defines the farming and livestock production models most appropriate for the country. The plan would also contribute to modernize rural activities.

    Eric Rivero, the president of Confenagro, said that they are working on a proposal to be presented to President Danilo Medina before the end of this year. On 27 June, at the Ciudad Ganadera, a series of debates and consultations began with the participation of 35 principal sector leaders.
    The intention is for the plan to serve as a guide for public policies. Rivera said that despite the small size of the Dominican Republic, it has all the conditions necessary to take top spots in produce. The country is already a leader in export of bananas, cacao and tobacco. Rivero says the experiences of these sectors should be replicated for other crops.

    Experts look at ability of electrical grid to withstand disasters
    The Dominican Association of the Electricity Industry (Adie) will hold a colloquium to analyze the ability of the Dominican national electric grid to deal with the effects of natural disasters. Called “The Resilience of the Dominican Electric System in the Face of Catastrophes Caused by Natural Phenomena,” the Adie workshop features the participation of experts from both the thermal electric sector and renewable energy sector, and experts in transmission and distribution.

    The procedures to be taken when a natural phenomena is approaching will be discussed as well as the capacity of the electricity sector to deal with this electricity system before and after such a disaster. The intention is to help the country be better prepared for a natural disaster.

    According to a press communiqué, the colloquium will include the participation of Ronald Hobgood, an advisor to the Puerto Rican Electricity Authority, who has collaborated in the restructuring and rebuilding of the electrical network on that island after the impact of hurricanes Irma and Maria. Hobgood will talk about his experience regarding an electrical system that was around 80% destroyed by these two hurricanes. He has more than 40 years experience with the electrical grid in Puerto Rico.

    The colloquium is happening at the Hotel El Embajador and begins at 8:30am on Tuesday, 3 July 2018.

    AIRD continues to fight Border Incentives Law 28 -01
    Border Incentives Law 28-01 was designed to mitigate poverty in seven provinces along the border with Haiti. Since its inception it has been bitterly opposed by the economic powerhouses of the Dominican Republic, gathered under the Dominican Republic Association of Industries (AIRD).

    The latest broadside was issued by the president of the AIRD, Circe Almanzar, after Congress approved an amendment to Border Incentives Law 28-01 that creates a Special Zone of Border Development. Almanzar called on the Chamber of Deputies to reject the proposal.

    According to the Santo Domingo business elite, Law 28-01 creates distortions and advantages that place the productive sector located in other areas of the Dominican Republic at a disadvantage to those businesses installed along the border.

    Last week, the Permanent Commission on Border Affairs of the Chamber of Deputies issued a report that favored the legislative proposal that would modify Law 28-01, not only ratifying certain disputed aspects of the law, but also expanding the advantages over the rest of the country.

    Circe Almanzar, the AIRD executive vice president, called on the Chamber of Deputies to reject the report. She noted that the report had been prepared without comments from the Taxes Agency (DGII), and without measuring the effect of these changes on tax collections as required by the Constitution and other laws. One of her specific complaints is the fact that according to the AIRD, 70% of the workers in the factories covered by Law 28-01 do not reside in the border provinces.

    Santiago protest calls for repairs two bridges and roads
    Several civic entities, including neighborhood groups in the southern parts of Santiago de los Caballeros city, are calling for repairs to be made on bridges, roads and other infrastructure as well as the supplying of medicines to local public health centers. Angelita Villaman, José Alberto Peña and José Nuñez, community and transportation leaders, noted that along the Yapur Dumit Avenue there are several damaged bridges. They are convening a transportation strike as well as a public demonstration for Wednesday, 11 July 2018 in an effort to get the attention of the officials of the Ministry of Public Works and other government entities.

    Angelita Villaman told reporters from the Diario Libre that the bridge over Arroyo Hondo Creek has weakened and will collapse in the next big rain because of the extraordinary use it has suffered from heavy trucks that have been detoured from the Hermanos Patiño Bridge. At the same time José Nuñez, a leader in the association that groups heavy equipment handlers, said that there are several bridges in bad condition and yet neither Public Works nor the city government is trying to solve the problem. According to José Alberto Peña the work and traffic stoppage will begin at 6am and last until 5pm on next 11 July.

    Judge sends two to jail for trafficking Venezuelan women
    The judge at the Office of Permanent Attention for the National District, José Alejandro Vargas, handed down three months in protective custody sentences for two members of an alleged criminal organization that deals in human trafficking and sexual exploitation involving Venezuelan women who say they were forced into prostitution at a nightclub known as Pink Pony Bar in Los Prados in Santo Domingo.

    The persons indicted are the owner of the bar, 39-year old Jarvis Guerra Rodriguez, and the manager, 33-year old Angela Campusano Santos. The magistrate ordered the owner to serve his time at la Victoria prison and the woman was sent to the Najayo Women’s facility.

    Readers might remember that on Sunday, 24 June 2018, six Venezuelan women who were allegedly prostitutes at the nightclub were rescued after five of their fellow citizens escaped from the bar and alerted authorities, according to the Attorney General of the Republic. The Venezuelans that escaped from the Pink Pony alerted authorities regarding the conditions involving sexual exploitation being carried out at that business located in a residential area of the National District.

    The Venezuelans say they were lured here with job offers as waitresses, and then their passports were removed and they were drugged and forced to prostitution at the bar.

    "The women were not kidnapped, they spread the news about the job from one to another, they had a day off a week to leave and return to the place on their own," said Guerra Rodríguez, who will now try to prove his innocence in court.

    Guerra will also be charged for keeping two identities. At the moment of his arrest he had in his possession two IDs (cedulas), with different names and different personal data.

    Hot weather solution: Find a fresh water swimming hole
    In spite of the fact that summer is just starting, high temperatures have been around for several weeks. It is time to head to a favorite swimming spot, whether it be a pool, a beach or a fresh water swimming hole.

    A report in El Dia points out that fresh water swimming holes are something unique and very special in the Dominican Republic and there are many. There is El Camellón, which is better known as Masipedro, just 10 minutes from Bonao. Because it is close to the city of Santo Domingo, it is one of the preferred places for dwellers of the capital. A beautiful waterfall and crystal-clear waters are its major attraction. Visitors can enjoy some areas that have been remodeled, cook on outdoor fireplaces or order food from some of the establishments located there.

    Next on the list are the Jima waterfalls and river near Bonao, is reached by the El Ceiba crossroads and going several kilometers inland. There are nine small waterfalls there appropriate for swimmers.

    Another is the scientific reserve of Las Neblinas de Casabito in Constanza. Two of 12 waterfalls are prepared to receive swimmers for an unforgettable experience. It is recommended that visitors use the services of a guide.

    The Bueyes Waterfall is in the province of Espaillat up in the mountains and although access is somewhat uncomfortable upon arrival “it is worth all the efforts.”

    A more well known swimming spot is the Confluencia in Jarabacoa, where the Amina and the Inoa rivers come together. One is warm and the other is much cooler. A little further up the highway that goes to Manabao, there is the famous “Curtain Waterfall” that comes right out of the mountain, and which legend says anyone who gets under the waterfall will be “bathed in good luck.”

    Also on the list is and another Bueyes Waterfall, this one in San Jose de las Matas in Santiago province. It is 7 km outside the town and is part of the Amina River watershed.

    In the same area is Aguascalientes, with two natural pools, one featuring thermal waters and the other cooler water from the Amina River.

    There are several more interesting fresh water places to swim: obviously we have not mentioned the 27 waterfalls at Damajagua.

    DR plays Canada for berth in FIBA Basketball World Cup
    The Dominican Republic national team plays Canada in the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 Americas Qualifier at the Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto at 7:30pm ET on Friday 29 June 2018. Both teams seek a berth in the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019. Canada and the Dominican Republic are in Group D of the qualifying rounds with the Bahamas and the US Virgin Islands. The DR leads the group with a record (4-0) that enabled it to qualify for the second round.

    Each team faces the other three teams on a home and away basis with the top three teams from each group advancing to the second round.

    In a previous match against Canada, the DR defeated the Canadians 88-76.

    After the Toronto game, the Dominican Republic will match Bahamas on 2 July 2018 in Santiago.

    The FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 in China (31 August-15 September 2019) is the biggest edition of FIBA's flagship event with a record 32 participating teams playing 92 games over 16 days. For the first time, the FIBA Basketball World Cup will qualify 7 teams directly for the following year's Olympic Games.
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