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Thread: DR1 Daily News - Monday, 2 July 2018

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    Default DR1 Daily News - Monday, 2 July 2018

    Central American presidents meet for joint projects
    President Medina meets with President Alvarado of Costa Rica
    Regular hours for the Santo Domingo Skylift
    Dominican Eiffel Tower moved to Santo Domingo park
    Vestas wind mills coming in early 2019
    Judge Francisco Ortega told to remain on Odebrecht bribes case
    Henri Namphy preferred to be buried in DR
    91 firearms seized at security office
    Police arrest two in Samana cameraman murder case
    Bank robbers getting bolder, police mayor dies
    Police recover almost RD$3 million in Vimenca robbery
    DR basketball takes on Bahamas at Palacio de los Deportes

    Central American presidents meet for joint projects
    The 51st SICA Meeting of Heads of State and Government held 28-30 June 2018 at the Ministry of Foreign Relations convention center in Santo Domingo ended with several commitments made by the eight participating governments. Among the agreements is one to create a fund to mitigate and better manage climate change effects. The final document for the 51st SICA Meeting of Heads of State and Government called for more efforts to promote conservation and environmental protection.

    Likewise, the regional heads of government agreed to create an action plan to promote the historic memory and project to the future the challenges of the region. During the meeting, the presidents instructed the council of foreign relations ministers of SICA to evaluate the causes and consequences of the migration of the population and to present to the presidents an action plan dealing with this situation.

    Among other agreements was the creating of a working group for the 200th anniversary of the independence of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and the 30th anniversary of SICA.

    The agreements were signed by presidents Danilo Medina (Dominican Republic), Carlos Alvarado (Costa Rica), Salvador Sánchez (El Salvador), Jimmy Morales (Guatemala), Juan Carlos Varela (Panama) and Juan Orlando Hernández (Honduras). Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington (Belize) and Caribbean affairs advisor Valdrack Jaenske (Nicaragua).

    Belize replaces the Dominican Republic as temporary presidency of the Central American Integration System. The terms have a six-month duration. Foreign Relations Minister Wilfred Elrington of Belize received the presidency from outgoing President Danilo Medina during the SICA summit on 29 June 2018. Elrington represented Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow.

    President Medina meets with President Alvarado of Costa Rica
    President Danilo Medina held a bilateral meeting with President Carlos Alvarado of Costa Rica on the occasion of the latter’s visit to Santo Domingo for the summit of the heads of government and state of the Central American Integration System (SICA) that took place 28-30 June 2018. On 8 May 2018, President Medina had traveled to San José, Costa Rica to attend the inaugural of the young Costa Rican president.

    At 38 years, Alvarado is the youngest of the incumbent presidents of Central America and the Caribbean. Alvarado has a bachelor’s degree in communication and a master’s degree in political science from the University of Costa Rica, and a master’s degree in development studies from the University of Sussex in England.

    The bilateral meeting took place at the convention center of the Ministry of Foreign Relations prior to the plenary of the SICA Summit.

    Regular hours for the Santo Domingo Skylift
    Paying fares of RD$20 passengers can now travel from 6am to 10:30pm, Monday to Friday, and from 6 to 9pm on Saturdays, and Sundays and holidays from 8 to 9pm on the Santo Domingo Skylift. The Skylift connects eastern Santo Domingo to the western side of Santo Domingo with easy access to two lines of the city metro. Riding the skylift is also a popular Sunday outing for families.

    The Santo Domingo Skylift has stations uniting the densely populated Sabana Perdida, Los Tres Brazos and Gualey neighborhoods with western Santo Domingo. The connection to the metro is at the station located at Av. Padre Castellanos (La 17).

    Dominican Eiffel Tower moved to Santo Domingo park
    Santo Domingo’s Eiffel Tower is now located at the Parque Los Coquitos in western Santo Domingo. The impressively tall replica of the Paris landmark was built for a nightclub adjacent to the then Hotel Hispaniola on Av. Independencia. The mayor of Santo Domingo West purchased the tower and set it up as a Christmas tree near the Plaza de las Banderas, off the Ministry of Defense building. The structure, built by master sculptures artist, José Ignacio Morales “El Artístico” makes it possible for people to pose for pictures that appear to be in Paris.

    A bust honoring nation founder Juan Pablo Duarte has now been placed where the Tour Eiffel was located.

    Mayor Francisco Peña says the new location in the Las Caobas sector of Santo Domingo West will be permanent. The park is being renovated, and a formal opening of the renovated recreational area is set for August 2018, as reported in Listin Diario.

    Nevertheless, one regular of the park said the change has been for worse given that workers have cut down several shade-bearing trees in the park to make room for the Eiffel Tower structure.

    Vestas wind mills coming in early 2019
    A new order of Vestas wind mills is expected to be delivered in the first quarter of 2019, as construction advances at the 48MW Guzmancitos wind park in Puerto Plata.

    Vestas has received an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) order for the 48 MW Guzmancitos wind park to be located in the Puerto Plata region, in the Dominican Republic. The contract includes the supply and installation of 16 V136-3.45 MW turbines delivered in 3.0 MW Load Optimized Mode.

    The firm and unconditional order was placed by RGE, and, additionally to the wind turbines, it also includes a 10-year Active Output Management 5000 (AOM5000) service agreement, reports Vestas.

    The project is the fifth that Vestas installs in the country, providing the Dominican Republic almost 180 MW capacity of installed and under construction.

    “The Dominican Republic is bidding for renewable energy sources to fulfil its energy consumption which is growing rapidly. Vestas pioneered the country’s wind energy market back in 2011 and, and with this order we reinforce our leading position in the country”, says Enric Català, Vestas senior director sales for Latin America.!NewsView

    Judge Francisco Ortega told to remain on Odebrecht bribes case
    Supreme Court of Justice decided that Judge Francisco Ortega Polanco will continue hearing the Odebrecht bribes case. The defense of Andres Bautista, Angel Rondon and Conrado Pittaluga had requested his change. The case had been set to start on 6 July 2018. Judge Ortega needs to confirm if he will continue with the case the set date.

    Henri Namphy preferred to be buried in DR
    A longtime resident in the Dominican Republic, former Haitian President Henri Namphy chose to be buried here. Namphy was 85 years old at the time of his death and had been diagnosed with cancer. The general lived in exile in the Dominican Republic after being ousted in September 1988 by Prosper Avril, only two years into his government.

    He had asked to be buried in the Dominican Republic. His tomb is located at the Cristo Redentor public cemetery in northern Santo Domingo.

    His friend Carl Denis, told Listin Diario journalists, that Namphy had never returned to Haiti, disgusted at the turn of affairs in that nation. "He strived to give Haiti a good Constitution but they insisted on having a bad one. In short, many of the things he wanted to do, he could not, because there was always a destructive opposition and that thoroughly displeased him and drove him to self-exile here [in the Dominican Republic], where he lived out his final years peacefully," said Denis.

    He said that Namphy saw with great regret what has happened in Haiti and how that country continues to fall apart. "He disliked the situation in Haiti, extraordinarily. Let me tell you one thing: while your country has improved, our country has declined since 1986. The difference is not that we stay at ground level, but that we continue to go lower," he observed.

    Namphy first moved to Puerta de Hierro in northern Santo Domingo, and then to the mountain town of Jarabacoa, where he passed away. He is survived by his wife Altagracia Marte, his two daughters Martine Namphy, who lives in Martinique, and Melissa Namphy, who has lived in the Dominican Republic since she was eight.

    Namphy was president of Haiti for the temporary government after the military coup that overthrew dictator Jean Claude Duvalier (Baby Doc), putting an end to 30 years of Duvalier dictatorship. He was replaced by Leslie Manigat on 7 February 1988.

    91 firearms seized at security office
    The Office of the Attorney General reported on simultaneous searches carried out in the office and service stations of the private security company Security Protection Center (SECPTER), located in Greater Santo Domingo and Santiago, where 91 unlicensed firearms of different types and calibers were seized. 70 persons were detained for questioning.

    In a press release, the prosecutors called the general manager of the company a fugitive of justice. The general manager is former army officer Nelson Rafael Mejía Ovalles. The Office of the Attorney General said the company has ties to Police Drug Narcotics Office (DICAN) former director Carlos Fernández Valerio, who was sentenced to 20 years in jail for drug trafficking.

    Police arrest two in Samana cameraman murder case
    The Police arrested on Wednesday, 30 June 2018, the two lead suspects of the murder of a Turkish citizen, 24-year old Alper Baycin on 27 June. He was in Samana participating in the filming of a reality show. The killing occurred in the Las Ballenas area of Las Terrenas.

    20-year old Nelson Rodríguez Almonte (El Chivo) resident in El Limón is accused of stabbing the cameraman when the later reportedly resisted turning over his backpack to the thieves. Baycin died on scene from knife wounds to his heart. At the time of the crime, Rodríguez was accompanied by a 15-year old whose identity has not been revealed.

    The Police arrested the two individuals and took possession of a Z-3000 motorcycle that reportedly the assailants used in the crime. The police also seized the knife that they suspect was used in the stabbing. Clothing was also found that the suspects may have been wearing at the time of the deadly assault.

    Baycin was in Las Terrenas for the filming of the Turkish version of the Survivor reality show.

    The producers of the show said that it has been produced since 2011 in the Dominican Republic without any previous security problems.

    Bank robbers getting bolder, police mayor dies
    On Sunday, 1 July 2018, at dawn, Police mayor Moisés Montero Amador died from wounds he received when pursuing Banco Popular (Ensanche La Isabelita) bank robbers. Montero Amador was seriously suffered serious injuries in the clash with the assailants during the search of a homej in Vietnam neighborhood in Los Minas in eastern Santo Domingo.

    Montero was one of five other policemen that were injured. The other injured police officers are Colonel Manuel Antonio Cabrera Sarita, Lieutenant Colonels Rafael Tapia Rosario and Félix Peralta Castillo, as well as Sergeant Biojary Antonio Pérez Colón and Colonel Robert Abreu de Jesús.

    During the confrontation, one of the robbers (identified only as Francis) was detained at the scene and was taken into custody by members of the Criminal Investigation Directorate (DICRIM). The assailant was in possession of a pistol and an M16 caliber rifle, with four cartridges.

    What is known is that without bothering to cover their faces, five men had entered a branch of the Banco Popular Dominicano located in Hiper Uno in Esnanche Isabelita, in eastern Santo Domingo on Thursday, 30 June.

    Police spokesman colonel Frank Felix Durán Mejía told the press that the M-16 firearm used by the robbers belongs to the Police of Haiti.

    Police recover almost RD$3 million in Vimenca robbery
    Spokesman of the Police, colonel Frank Durán Mejía said on Sunday, 1 July 2018, that the Police has recovered RD$2,955,000 of RD$11 million stolen from a branch of Vimenca remittances and exchange house located at Calle Independencia in Santiago. Of the money, US$203,000 was in US currency.

    Arrested in the case are Carlos Alfredo García (Aspirina), Basilio Encarnación Polanco (Deivi), Emmanuel de Jesús Grullón Gutiérrez, and Andy de Jesús Gutiérrez. Bank watchman 47-year old Antonio Polonia Bueno is accused of complicity and was in possession of RD$126,000.

    A news update on the case, indicates that the bank watchman was found dead from a head bullet wound, with his hands in handcuffs inside a police vehicle. Prosecutors are investigating the death. The Police had said that the man committed suicide in the parking lot. The patrol in charge of the custody is under investigation.

    DR basketball takes on Bahamas at Palacio de los Deportes
    The Dominican Republic plays Bahamas on Monday, 2 July 2018 at 8pm at the Palacio de los Deportes in the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center in Santo Domingo. The games are part of the qualifying rounds for the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019.

    The Dominican Republic and Canada are in Group D at 4 wins and 1 loss each. Canada is ahead by points. There is just one game left in the first round for the teams. Other teams in the group are: Bahamas and the US Virgin Islands.

    Last Friday, 29 June, the Dominican team had lost to Canada 97-61. As does Canada, the Dominican Republic now has a record of 4 wins and one loss. In a previous match against Canada played in Santiago, Dominican Republic, the Dominican Republic defeated the Canadians 88-76. For the 2 July game, the Canadians took no chances. The Canadian squad was made up of five NBA players, to ensure they would win. The Dominican Republic had zero NBAers. NBA players for Canada were Khem Birch (Orlando), Cory Joseph (Indiana), Dillon Brooks (Memphis), Kelly Olynyk (Miami), and Dwight Powell (Dallas). Also notable on the Canadian team was teenage basketball star R.J. Barrett.

    The tournament is structured so that each team faces the other three teams on a home and away basis, with the top three teams from each group advancing to the second round.

    The FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 in China (31 August-15 September 2019) is the biggest edition of FIBA's flagship event with a record 32 participating teams playing 92 games over 16 days. For the first time, the FIBA Basketball World Cup will qualify 7 teams directly for the following year's Olympic Games.
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    That’s Madam Ambassador to you; Robin Bernstein confirmed

    Robin and Richard Bernstein. Debbie Schatz/Daily News
    Palm Beach resident Robin Bernstein is having a change of address and a change of name. No, she’s not divorcing her husband.

    She was confirmed by the Senate last week as ambassador to the Dominican Republic. She’s now the Hon. Robin Bernstein and she’s on her way to her new digs.
    One Dominican at a time please!


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