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...Don sounds like the problem a girl friend of mine has....she is very persistant to bring one of those huskies from Minnesota to the DR,you know the big black and white one, at least 25% timber wolf, the more I tell her to forget it, the more she wants one....I had one in northern Mn., In the winter it would sleep in the snow...never work here in this heat.........Doc......
Siberian Huskies do just fine here or any hot weather. Same for the majority of thick fur dogs, plenty of German Shepherds in climates much hotter than DR.

They sell huskies often at those pet shops attached to bravo. My neighbor has had one a couple years now. Like any dog #1 provide plenty of water #2 some shade but most dogs will find shade instinctively.

Dogs do not sweat through their skin like humans. They pant through the mouth to cool down thats why water is a must.

Make sure you girlfriend doesn't see this post.