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    Wink Re: Is Hillbilly being ethical?

    Hillbilly has asked me to visit Santiago this week. I ask our board patrons if I should believe HB, that
    (1.) Hillbilly will show me his gold and silver mines?
    (2.) HB has a naked mujere tied to a tree?
    (3.) HB is raising Arabian horses and will give me a foal?
    (4.) HB has a crap table rigged for me?
    Am I being gullible? Please comment fine patrons.

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    I can vouch for 1, 2 & 4 but am not too certain about 3!!! However, IF HB said it then it is true. NO, where HB is concerned you are not being taken for a ride, nor are you being gullable. ALL of us fine PATRONS only speak the truth - we can not lie. It is against our principles!! Just check out the posts of O & C, Golo, TW, AZB etc. Ne'er a word of exaggeration, misquote or twisting of facts. - Grahame.


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