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    Default despachio system

    Anyone that has maritime knowledge? To use a boat in DR is somewhat special compared with other places. Because of taxreasons a decent boat can't be flagged DR (doubles its price) but has to be flagged outside of DR like for instance USA and then pay a yearly fee.
    OK, not smart and not good for the economy, but so far so good but what is unclear to me is the situation with the "despachio's". -Permission to move up to a next harbor-
    Is a "Despachio" needed all the time when people want to use their boat to be a day on the water or to visit a beach and return and the end of the day in their berth's ?
    If so, to have a boat does not make any sense anymore.
    Alomost nowhere I do see any boats. Only I saw some with local registration numbers. It feels like it is illegal even to use a boat. Is it? Also want to know what the license situation is. Is a license required and where to obtain. For the boat and radio. Also where to find some insurance. -Liability only-
    Thank you for reactions

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    I’m not a boater, so can’t answer your inquiry, but you may want to change the title?
    Your current title “despachio system” made me think that it had to do with the overall slow pace of life here in the DR? (Depacio = slowly). Or maybe it had to do with last years big hit song “despachito”?

    Good luck. I hope someone here has the knowledge you seek.

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