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    Default Of crime and free time

    Might be time to prompt a response from those who actually live here full time.

    How do you pass your time? Are you the social butterfly that goes out of their way to socialize at a favorite pub or somewhere else? Do you round robin with your neighbors once a week? Do you spend more time at home or are you like our lovable WW who can't seem to sit still long enough to get a sunburn?

    Crime. Is it your perception that crime in your neck of the woods is getting worse, staying the same or reduced in frequency. Do you avoid going out after dark? Prefer not to drive yourself to SD so take the bus? Have you been a victim of a break in, robbery, scammed by the last person on earth you thought would do that?

    Do you immerse yourself in crowds of locals celebrating Constitution Day or do you tend to mingle with those who are more familiar and more in keeping with the attitudes and practices that you are used to?

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    I have favorite places... sandwiches etc

    I talk it up a bit but don’t ‘socialize ‘

    Crime has not confronted me ...
    Yes, I go out after dark but not that far

    Yes, I drive to SD

    I had an interesting happenstance just now ...on the way home

    I saw a friend in a colmado..stopped to say hello... female friend
    Before I knew it, I was enlisted for an abola...
    Three girls... well... not girls.... but...
    One was disfigured....hugely oversized senos

    It was a short trip but a nice diversion from my dull life
    Until I head to England on Saturday

    Thank you Buster for the kind adjective


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