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Thread: Did you meet your wife/GF in Sosua?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wishing you well View Post
    I see - the problem are the local folks, nothing to do with pedophiles, hooker lovers, and young girls thrill seeker?

    Sure, blame them.

    I get it!
    I'm glad you finally get it.

    I'm just being realistic. In the big scheme of things, the problem is 99% local, 1% tourist.

    You bet I blame them. If it weren't for locals who created the problem, the tourists wouldn't be coming here looking for their thrills.

    @ Habi: If there wasn't a thriving local thirst for all things sexual with a concentration in Sosua, the OP would have never asked the question.

    All of this has everything to do with the original question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by habi View Post
    Ok maybe I am confused... But what has all this to do with the OP's question????
    nothing. hence, closed. plenty of threads on hatin' sosua already.

    North Coast Moderator

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