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Thread: What is expected of you upon marrying a Dominican National

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    Quote Originally Posted by ando1991 View Post
    Lying, cheating and stealing is expected from Dominicans?
    Is this coming from people that live iin the Dominican Republic?

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    Like anywhere else you have to use good judgement on whom you trust, where you live, and who you marry. I trust nobody with my tools. I only lend what is easy to replace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SKY View Post
    I found this on the Net. Good reading for newbies in love here.

    Greetings all... I felt the need to ask this question since I just got hit with a bit of a curve ball. I have been dating my Dominicana for close to 3 years, and for the most part she never asks for anything, so I have provided her with things I figured she could use here and there, but then suddenly the topic of a big tkt item comes up to which I said I was not interested in the purchase and at most I would help with some portion, but not a 100% then the parents home remodeling to which I did not even volunteer, I simply said: That sounds like a family matter you guys need to handle amongst yourself. All of a sudden I'm being told I'm not a commited partner to which I said: I have provided you and your family with numerous displays of generosity and covered you mobile internet bills for close to 3 years, and now because I'm not signing up for the home improvement project and the big tkt vehicle, then I'm not committed to you :/

    Well fellows let me break it down for you so you won't get the curve ball thrown at you. This is what I have just learned. You will run in to 3 types of women while here.

    1- The girl who has her own. This girl has a good job, good education, drives her own car, and her family is quite capable of doing for self.....this girl is kind of similar to what you might find in Western or European society. This girl still gives you the ultrafeminine treatment minus the drama and all the family issues. Look for her in the city at the upscale hangouts,

    2- The girl who is asking for money and gifts right out the gate. This girl is very charming and will have you thinking she loves you and you are the best thing since slice bread! Look for her at your own risk at all the tourist spots. This girl loves drama and always has some issue for you to solve, it is never ending....and if you marry her, be prepared to take on the entire immediate family and then some. The good thing about this girl is that she is easy to spot, so if you play you pay.

    3- The non asking girl. This girl can be a mixed bag and perhaps the hardest to spot since she appears to be sweet and is usuall more of a regular girl who has a normal job, goes to church and seems like your all around good girl. Lives with her family and has been taught to not ask but let a man offer. These are the sneaky ones since you figure by them not asking, you lucked out and avoided number 2 girl......but sometimes,...... not always, you might be fattened up for the big kill and usually by then you are so caught might not be able to refuse her request since you fear losing your dream girl.

    This is why you must take your time when it comes to dating women in the Caribbean. Any woman wealthy or poor can be a golddigger or vice versa....can be a good woman. Any of these 3 women have potential to operate under any of the aforementioned formats.....Allow yourself to date and spend time with her....look at friends and family to see how they act around you and around her.....are they hard working folks who are willing to not have you pay for everything when you go out and actually don't mind buying you a few rounds and treating you as well? Is she willing to treat you to even something simple like ice cream? Observe, test, and analize! Do your homework or you might end up back on your flight with just your shirt on your back. How do you leave DR with a Million Dollars??? Arrive with 2 Million.
    Where you been all my life Sky? I like to think Im the number 2 on them, I immediately ask them for things and i love the drama.

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