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As an alternative, try the Kawasaki Mule 600 - utility vehicle. It's rugged, carries a load, and the rear cargo cabin can be adapted to two facing benches if needed- Dominguez Motors in las Terrenas carried them for me when I distributed Kawasaki years ago.. I sold the business to Magna Motors in Santo Domingo along with the BAJAJ motorcycle line from India and Jincheng Group of China. Magana Motors has a direct line to the K-Dealer parts ordering system of Kawasaki Motors Corp Irving, California. Takes about 5 days to get critical replacement parts. Good luck.
Yes I have that one on the short list as well. By "get it there" I mean I will probably ship it there with the rest of my household items when we move. Just need to ensure repairs are possible/reasonable, which I suspect that shouldn't be a problem. Still thinking on it. We have time.