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    Default DR1 Travel News - 5 February 2019

    Santo Domingo voted Caribbean Gastronomic Capital
    Major remodeling scheduled for Embassy Suites in Naco
    Alice Dye honored in La Romana
    Good Morning America invites to go whale-watching

    Santo Domingo voted Caribbean Gastronomic Capital
    The Academia Iberoamericana de Gastronomia voted in favor of Santo Domingo as the Caribbean Gastronomic Culture Capital for 2019. This is a repeat of the honor the country won for 2018, and a celebration of the country’s diverse gastronomy. Rafael Anson, president of the Academy made the announcement. Santo Domingo has the most restaurants of any city in the Caribbean.
    The Dominican Republic is represented by the Academia Dominicana de Gastronomia y Turismo, represented by Luis Ros.

    The Iberoamerican Gastronomy Academy voted Miami to be the Iberoamerican Capital of Gastronomy for 2019.

    Major remodeling scheduled for Embassy Suites in Naco
    Embassy Suites business hotel in the central Naco area of Santo Domingo is scheduled to get better. The Miami-based Sanchez + Coleman Studio was recently chosen by the new owners for the remodelling of the city hotel. Embassy Suites is the Hilton Hotels brand under which the hotel operations will continue. The contract was extended for 20 additional years under new ownership.

    The remodelling will add 20 new suites to the high rise hotel’s 180 rooms, a refurbished lobby and a new roof-top lounge on the 27th floor, with its 360° view of the city and Caribbean Sea. A gourmet restaurant is planned together with a casual gathering place where eats will be available near the pool. The Silver Sun Gallery has parking for 307 vehicles and entrances at the Tiradentes, Gustavo Mejía Ricart and Fantino Falcon streets.

    Recently HES Group of Miami announced it had purchased the hotel that was developed by engineer Diandino Peña, builder of the Santo Domingo Metro. BHDLeon also took part in the operation.

    The press release says that the HES leaders intend to reposition and promote business tourism in the capital. The purchase operation also included the Silver Sun Gallery Shopping Center, where the hotel is located.

    Alice Dye honored in La Romana
    The La Romana-Casa de Campo community mourns the passing of 91-year old Alice Dye, wife of Pete Dye who created the emblematic Teeth of the Dog Golf Course in La Romana, putting Casa de Campo and the Dominican Republic on the global golf map since 1971. Casa de Campo honors Alice Dye for her participation in accompanying her husband in the designing of the golf courses in Casa de Campo, including Teeth of the Dog, Dye Fore and The Links. Alice Dye died at the age of 91 years old in the United States. The Dyes were an active member of the Casa de Campo community for many years.

    The late Alice Dye is survived by her husband Pete Dye, and their children, P.B., Perry and other relatives.

    "For our resort and all the players that visit us, it will always be an honor to enjoy the golf masterpieces that Pete Dye designed with Alice at his side. They have been part of the value that recognizes Casa de Campo as a destination of fame and world class, "emphasized Andrés Pichardo, president of Casa de Campo.

    Good Morning America invites to go whale-watching
    It’s the time to go whale-watching in northeastern Samaná. For the most adventurous, and with cash to spend, it can mean actually swimming alongside humpback whales within their natural habitat.

    The Ministry of Tourism teamed up with US TV’s ABC News’ “Good Morning America” to follow Ginger Zee, the show’s chief meteorologist, who shared the experience of swimming with the whales for the show’s viewers on 28 January and 29 January 2019. The ABC News’ segment was broadcast live from the north coast’s Silver Bank Sanctuary, north of Puerto Plata, one of only two areas in the entire world where nature lovers can swim alongside majestic humpback whales.

    Each spring, 5,000 to 7,000 Northern Atlantic humpback whales migrate toward the north coast of Dominican Republic to the Silver Bank for mating season. In the warm waters, the whales can comfortably mate and nurse newborn calves. Research indicates that the Silver Bank is home to the largest population of seasonal migrating humpbacks in the North Atlantic Ocean, if not the world.

    From January through April in the Silver Bank, and mid January through the end March in Samaná Bay, wildlife and thrill-seeking enthusiasts flock to the coast to observe whales playing, vying for each other’s attention, nursing and jumping—you can even hear the yearning song of the male humpback whales, who become especially vocal during mating season.

    On the show, Zee found herself face-to-face with a pod of the world’s most magnificent animals, humpback whales, both mothers and their calves. The phenomena, displayed on live TV, showed the magnificent creatures in the clear waters of the Silver Bank. During the segment, Zee not only experienced in-water interactions with humpback whales, she shared how travelers can have gentle encounters with these majestic animals and detailed existing endangerments that they are facing today, including plastic waste, entanglement by fishing gear and nets, among other factors.

    “For nearly 60 years, Dominican Republic has collaborated with environmental agencies and leaders like the United Nations and The Nature Conservancy to protect our country’s ecological treasures and marine life,” said Magaly Toribio, marketing advisor for the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism. “Whether visitors wish to swim alongside humpback whales or observe marine life from aboard a boat, the experience is immersive and magical, bringing thousands of visitors each year closer to nature.”

    Aquatic Adventures is one of three highly-experienced outfitters located just outside of beautiful Puerto Plata that offer this truly unique experience. The cost of a seven-day swim with the whale trip with Aquatic Adventures hovers around US$5,000 per person. The tour operators are committed to facilitating peaceful encounters between humans and whales. Professional guides instruct tourists on whale etiquette, allowing the whales to choose when they interact and to set the terms of the interaction.

    From mid January to end of March, head to Samaná for reasonably-priced whale-watching expeditions, including those operated by Kim Beddall, pioneer of the whale-watching and whale conservation efforts in Samaná.

    For those not wanting to go down under or take a boat excursion, there is the Punta Balandra observatory, going north 14 km from Samaná city on the road to Las Galeras. And in Samaná city is the Museo de las Ballenas, where exhibits include a 40-foot skeleton of a humback whale found in 1993. These two options are free and available year round.
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