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Thread: Dominican Bites off ICE finger tip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the gorgon View Post
    actually, that is not the case.

    he is a Dominican who is more fortunate than the majority of his compatriots. so, he lives in the USA, and, by his admission, is living large. that inspires him to report to the readership that his fellow Dominicans are pond scum, unable to scale the lofty heights that he has. .

    yes..i know. hilarious, yet tragic.
    Nope, not scaling lofty heights. Just an average dude in both places. That may seem lofty to some here but I am frankly relatively mediocre especially by Santo Domingo standards.

    Hard work, and Gods backing can take you places.

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    Rfp I don’t think you’re Dominican nor where you there when this took place. How can you or I or anyone who hasn’t lived through his situation judge the person or what they did? Desperation cause people to do things that they may not do otherwise. If you haven’t walked a mile in his shoes, then you don’t know and only the ones there can say what he did or didn’t do
    Quote Originally Posted by rfp View Post
    So terrible, Dominicans truly are a human stain. This individual was given the opportunity to visit America and took advatnage by staying. This makes it harder for serious Dominicans to obtain and renew their visas. I hope that he ends up in Capatillo working in a call center for 25000 pesos a month.

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